Can You Skydive With A Dog? (What Dog Owner Says)

Can You Skydive With A Dog

If you are a dog lover, you have had yourself spend time on YouTube watching videos of dogs.


Don’t they just fill up your heart and give you a boost of serotonin.


Probably you have not come across videos of dogs skydiving, but they are there.


They exist. Watching an eager adventurous dog skydiving is something we would love to do repeatedly because of the surges of excitement it gives us.


Try it sometime, and you will turn off the phone with so much happiness.


This is in fact a good way to spend time with your dog as you bond while doing fun activities together.


According to experts, yes, dogs can go skydiving, and they enjoy the activity very much. You can carry them with you when you skydive only if your dog is a daredevil. Most dogs would prefer to have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

But you know you can always give it a shot and take the plunge together.  It is only advised not to allow the dogs at the drop zone. The drop zones make the dogs a little too active and excited more than normal, and it is only in their best interest.


Believing dogs love us as much as we love them is something humans have believed since time immemorial.


Researchers and dog experts explain the signs that show dogs are happy, and every time they see us after a long day, they will wag their tail or run and jump on you.


This is very satisfying to even watch through the screen, and even when skydiving, you cannot help but look for eagerness and excitement as they jump off.


After watching these videos, you will be 100% convinced they enjoy every minute of the diving.


But, do you just sit and wonder what goes through their mind when they are skydiving?


Are they comparing diving to their other favorite games like Frisbee or chase?


Do they want to do it again? Was it thrilling for them as it was for the person with them?


We would love to know what goes on in their heads, wouldn’t we?


Dogs at work

military dog

A few experts categorized skydiving work and play dogs.


The military is one of the units that deploy SEAL-trained dogs with specialized combat gear designed explicitly for their dangerous tasks.


They are usually well geared with super-strong and flexible armor.


On reaching the scene, they are fitted with very high technical equipment.


These equipment are referred to as “canine tactical assault suits” they cost up to $90,000 per suit.


After 25 jumps, they are certified as skydivers.


It is almost possible that the military dogs with licenses are more compared to human sports skydivers.


The dogs competent to take down poachers are very suitable in the determination to stop the killing of rhinos and elephants for their horns and tusks.


There are videos of militiamen with their dogs’ sky diving, and they are worthy of every second you got.


Have you seen the goggles they own? Google to have your mind blown.


Dogs can be trained to skydive with expert handlers to perform specific tasks, just like military dogs with high professional and technical training.


They are taught how to use infrared goggles, take down poachers, sniff drugs, and sniff bombs.


This is even inspiring to man. If a dog can skydive, what is stopping you?



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Dogs at play

skydiving dog
Image. TimesNowNews


Alex Coker an ex-military, and also a sky diving instructor, has a dog named Duke.


Duke is 75 pounds, and he has skydived four times at West Tennessee Skydiving.


Duke is a special dog and stands out from other packs of dogs.


He is bigger than other dogs that have skydived, but he is not a military dog like the others.


Alex says he enjoys and loves skydiving so much. He can tell by how his ears stick up straight and always has his head outside when he is flying with him.


Duke has to do up to 25 jumps to become a certified dog skydiver. He only has 24 more to go.


This means he can skydive alone. Alex, however, holds back to this idea, saying he loves him too much ever to let him do it on his own.


Riley is another daredevil dog who showed interest every time he saw his owner going on his plane.


His owner took him with him once, and today he is fearless at skydiving.


His owner says he starts to look around once the parachute has been deployed, and he seems so happy and thrilled every time.


Otis also made a legendary jump at a drop zone in Northern California and one small dog that made their jump in the United Kingdom.


It is extremely rare to see petted dogs going skydiving, especially if their owners are afraid to skydive themselves.


Federal authorities that control aviation also do not like the idea of dogs skydiving; hence there is a very limited chance that your dog will be allowed to skydive.


Dogs and the drop zone

Dogs and parachutes are not quite the best combination.


We love our dogs so much, a minimal, and dogs are the most fantastic thing that happened to humanity.


Drop zones and dogs do not go hand in hand.


Even in the military, their dogs are not allowed in the drop zone are.


The area is too stimulating to the fury canines to the extent that it is not good for them.


Therefore, keep your best friend away from the drop zones.



You never know whether your dog is the type to enjoy skydiving.


How will you know if you do not try? Do not be afraid to take you with him.


It will be an experience you do not want to miss out on.


It is also a good bonding time with your best friend.


A thrilling adventure that you must tick on your to-do things before you “expire” because if you do not try it out, you will regret it.


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