Cream Point Siamese Pictures, Facts, And Care Tips

Cream Point Siamese

Cream point Siamese are a cross-breed that resulted from red domestic shorthair, Siamese, and Abys cats. The cream point Siamese are considered a hybrid because of the complex process that is involved in their breeding.


Cream point Siamese cats have cool cream-colored points with white cream body color. Their mask, ears, and tail have a cool-toned cream with a powdery look. Their legs and feet are usually slightly paler in color, and often, they may have ‘freckles on the nose, paw pads, lips, eyelids, and ears.


So, what are some of the most popular facts about the cream point Siamese cat breed’s behavior?  


Cream point Siamese are highly trainable due to their intelligent nature. They enjoy taking instructions and following the routines they are asked to. The Cream Point Siamese cat can be trained to fetch and retrieve.


Can you also believe that they can be taught to walk on a harness and even do tricks? Their personality and temperament are some things that make this extra breed special.


The Cream Point Siamese is a very rare cat breed, and it is not a traditional breed. As we earlier mentioned, it results from different breeds fused. You are lucky if you own one of the cream point Siamese cats. Let’s learn more about this amazing cat breed!


What Are the Most Striking Qualities of The Cream Point Siamese Cats?


1. They’re Super Intelligent

Cream point Siamese are very intelligent cat breeds. Their high intelligence is what makes them very curious. They like going around the house on an exploration mission, and they like climbing on things and jumping.


Keeping them occupied with toys, will be crucial in curbing their curiosity. Siamese cats are also very trainable because of their wits and can learn and grasp many tricks and behaviors.


2. They are Very Affectionate

If you wish to have a cat that will not move away from your side, a cream point Siamese will do just that! These feline creatures will love you dearly and always follow you around the house.


They will most likely be right next to you in your bed cuddling against you.


3. Cream Point Siamese Cats Can Be Needy.

Their high levels of affection for you can come also across as needy. This is because they tend to feel gloomy and even look depressed whenever you leave them alone.


They are very loyal and clingy and will mark their boundaries when it comes to you. They will protect you jealously from any other pet or person from a space that they consider theirs!


4. They’re Naturally Gentle.

Cream point Siamese cats are very gentle and loving. You do not have to worry about leaving them with your kids, and they will make just the perfect play partner.


They are very playful and will entertain your little ones.


5. They’re Overly Protective of You.

Their bond with you is what makes them get overly protective when it comes to you.


They will constantly scour the environment to see whether there is anything that might pose harm to you, their favorite person.


6. They’re Very Chatty

While the cream point Siamese breed is usually gentle, they are chatty, especially with their owners.


They have distinct voices and like to meow a lot, which is their way of communicating with you.



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Recommended Care Tips for Your Cream point Siamese

These care tips are intended to help you give your cream point Siamese a happy and fulfilling life.


Let’s discuss them briefly!


1. Grooming Your Cream point Siamese is key

The bright color of their coats combined with their playful nature means they can pick up many dirt and other particles. You should therefore brush them frequently to ensure they look clean and fresh.


You can also brush their teeth from time to time to prevent them from diseases.


2. Give them Healthy Food.

Always ask the proper and healthiest food options from the breeder or seller. There is no point in buying cat food that your cream point Siamese cat will not adjust to and like.


It has been established that the wrong food will make your cream point Siamese cat vomit or diarrhea.


Also, be careful not to overfeed them. Once they start looking like they are gaining a lot of weight, reduce food portions.


3. Buy Toys for Your Cream Point Siamese friend.

Cream point Siamese cats are very active and generally love toys, perching on trees, and scratching posts.


Getting them toys, cat trees, and scratching posts will make them happy and entertained.


4. Take Your Cream Point Siamese Cat to The Vet Often.

Have a good vet for all your furry friend’s health check-ups and vaccinations. You will be in a strong position to keep away dangerous diseases such as feline distemper from harming your cat.


Your vet can give you all the updates regarding how the health of your cream point Siamese cat is progressing.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cream Point Siamese Cats


1. At about what age do cream point Siamese cats become a bit calmer?

At about two years old.


2. Do Cream Point Siamese Cats shed more than Siberian cat breeds?

No, they do not! Cream point Siamese cats tend to shed way less than Siberian cats.


3. Are cream point Siamese cats dangerous to your kids?

No, they are not! They are very fun, playful, and great companions for your little ones, and this is because of their gentle and even protective in nature.


Final Take Away

Like other Siamese cats, cream point Siamese cats are very sharp and intelligent. Training and teaching them will be a hassle-free endeavor. However, their affection, loyalty, and clinginess is the only issue to watch out for!


You’ll need to be available to dedicate a lot of time to them and keep them occupied if you do not wish to see them sulky and gloomy.


Get your little ones a cream point Siamese cat and watch them have a thrilling time together!


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