Why Is My Cat So Needy?

Why Is My Cat So Needy

Is your cat suddenly acting too clingy?

You are not alone, many other cat parents out there are going through the same problem.

Fortunately, we have all the answers for you.


A cat can suddenly become needy if they are experiencing low self-esteem. It may also be that your cat does not like being alone or they suffered some sort of trauma or stress in their kittenhood. Cats that are weaned from the mother too soon also tend to be clingy. If you suspect your cat is sick, take them to the vet for investigation.


We all want our feline friends to love and adore us to bits.

it ‘s even better if they favor us over everyone else at home.

But there is a thin line between pure affection and borderline clingy.


What are the signs my cat is needy?

What are the signs my cat is needy

Cats can be needy depending on how they were raised as kittens.

Also, it is not uncommon for a once independent cat to all of a sudden become needy and clingy.

Here are signs that your cat is needy.




It is easy to mistake a demanding cat for a needy one. Demanding cats will bully you into doing whatever they want.



Your cat is clingy if they;


Follow you around

They become your tail and will meow and yowl while at it.

But this should not be confused with a loving cat that loves to spend time with you.

For instance, the Siamese cat loves to lead the way for you as opposed to following you behind.


Separation anxiety

If your cat cannot stand 8 minutes without being by your side, they are clingy.

They will meow and cause a racket in the house while you are away.

Some cats will scratch at the main door or try and find a way out to follow you.


Disrupting your routine

You are working on your report then all of a sudden your feline throws herself on your keyboard.

It is funny at first, but if it keeps happening whenever you are working or doing chores, your cat is clingy.


Hunger strikes

A clingy cat would throw a huge fuss and even refuse to eat.

They will not engage in any activity until they see their favorite human back.


Such extreme behavior can be detrimental to your cat’s health.

Now your cat may be demanding as opposed to being clingy.


It all depends on what emotion is motivating the cat’s behavior.



🐱 Fun Fact

Demanding cats are overly confident of themselves. Clingy cats are less confident about themselves.



A cat becomes clingy when it suffers low-self esteem.

A demanding cat may appear clingy but they are bullying you into submission.

How do you know if your cat is demanding and not clingy?

When they;

  • They yowl at you during mealtime. If they are not eating, you are not eating.
  • They wake you up at odd hours. If they are not sleeping then you are not supposed to be sleeping
  • They jump on you or any surface to prove a point. They will not listen to your warnings.
  • They make a fuss with their voice until you pick them up. They feel entitled to your affection.
  • They are overconfident. Such cats often end up bullying other cats.

If your cat only behaves needy around you, then the problem could be closer home than you realized.


Why is my cat needy all of a sudden?

Why is my cat needy all of a sudden

Cats are known to be independent creatures.

Studies show that dogs tend to be clingier than cats.

So when a cat becomes clingy, then there is a serious behavioral reason behind it.


Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the reasons why a cat is suddenly clingy.

Kittens are often victims of separation anxiety when they are weaned off their mothers early.

Also, a cat that was orphaned or separated from its litter early may show symptoms of separation anxiety.



Kittens need to spend enough time with their mother for proper socialization. This constant interaction between mom and kitten fosters confidence and a positive perspective of the world.

Kittens learn how to perceive the world from their mother. If the mum is confident and friendly to humans, kittens will pick up this behavior as well.



If you have ever thought, ‘My cat is needy because he is sick’, you were not far from the truth.

Normally, cats become antisocial and withdrawn when they are sick.

They experience low energy levels and all they want to do is sleep and not do much.

But some cats become overly clingy and dependent on their owners for comfort.

Diseases like hyperthyroidism can increase a cat’s energy levels and make them clingy and demanding.


Human influence

This is a hard one to swallow but chances are your cat is clingy because you enable the behavior.

Before you protest, ask yourself these questions;

  • Do you pamper your cat with treats whenever they ask for them?
  • Do you always allow your cat to interrupt your work or jump on things?
  • Do you permit your cat to tail you wherever you go?
  • Do you reward your cat’s demands with coos, pets, and treats?

If you are guilty of any of these habits, then your cat is manipulating you.

Cats are very smart creatures.


They can quickly learn that throwing a tantrum can easily get them what they want.

Only reward your cat for good behavior.


Ignore them when they throw a tantrum to be held, petted, or given a treat.

It may be a hard habit to crack, but with consistency, your feline will finally learn the ropes.


Video: How to fix demanding cat behaviour



Cats become needy when they have low self-esteem, have separation anxiety, or are feeling sickly.

But a cat can also be needy or demanding when its pet parent allows it.

If your cat is not sick, then only rewarding good behavior can help reduce your cat’s clinginess.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A needy cat will reach its paw out to get your attention. If this does not work, the cat will sit or climb on a surface that they know is out of bounds- your laptop or kitchen working surface. If this habit is encouraged, it can turn into clinginess.

Lack of early nurturing could cause neediness in cats. Separation anxiety may also cause a cat to be too clingy and whiny. Consult a vet on possible ways to train your cat out of this behavior.

Kneading is a cat’s way of showing affection. If you are the only one who feeds, pets, and grooms the cat, he will develop a fondness for you. The cat will only knead you and no one else in the family.

The constant meowing is a sign your cat wants affection and treats. But if you always reward this behavior, it can drive your cat to become clingy and demanding.


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