Do Our Pets Come Back As Spirits?

Do Our Pets Come Back As Spirits

Do you ever wonder if our pets that pass away are still with us? If they come back as spirits?


We’ve all experienced the death of a pet, and it can be devastating.


However, many people believe that they can sense their beloved pet is still with them in spirit.


Will my dog come back to me after death?

While it’s impossible to know the answer for sure, there is a possibility that your pet might come back to you as a spirit.


You can ask them in meditation or dreamwork, but this might just be wishful thinking on your part.


When they do return, they may appear in any number of forms: ghostly apparitions; as a living animal; an animal spirit guide; or some other form of energy.


If you have strong psychic abilities and the ability to communicate with spirits, then you may be able to sense their presence around you.


You should also keep an open mind when dealing with mediums and psychics who claim to be able to communicate with deceased pets on your behalf.


There are many charlatans out there who will take advantage of your grief for financial gain; however genuine psychics exist also (and charge far less!).



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Can a dog spirit go into another dog?

dog howling


The answer to this question is yes and no.


Yes: If you have a puppy, and the puppy becomes sick or dies, then your deceased dog’s spirit can go into that puppy.


No: If you don’t have a pure breed of dog (e.g., a Chihuahua), your spirit can’t go into any other breed of dog because they’re all different species.


Yes: If the new puppy is alive when your old dog passes away (and it happens soon after), then there’s still time for the two spirits to mix together before they leave the body and move on to Heaven or Hell or whatever comes next!


That’s why in some cases of inter-species possession like this one where both entities still exist within their respective bodies at once—one being fleshy while another one consisting only of energy—you might see some paranormal activity happening around them both at once such as poltergeists manifesting in nearby rooms above where these creatures reside…


Do dogs’ spirits stay with its owner?

If you are wondering whether or not your dog’s spirit stays with you, then let us clear it up for you. The answer is yes.


Dogs have a very close bond with their owners and other people in their lives.


They become so attached to them that they don’t want to leave them when they die.


Some believe that the spirit of the owner will stay with them until they reincarnate as another dog or die altogether after many years together as friends, partners, and family members (depending on how long they’ve been together).



There’s no way to know for sure, but it’s worth keeping in mind that our pets have lived with us for many generations.


They are a part of who we are as humans and how we view ourselves in the world around us.


The bond between animal companions is strong enough that some people believe their souls to be reincarnated after death.


If you want your best friend back again someday, then keep them close at heart now while they’re still here on earth sharing this life together!


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