Dog Dew Claw Removal Cost Guide

Dog Dew Claw Removal Cost Guide

If you’re a dog owner, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your pet is healthy, happy, and safe.


Unfortunately, there are times when even the most responsible dog owners must make difficult decisions about their pup’s health and safety.


Take for instance dew claw removal. Is this procedure necessary?


Is it just a way for vets to profit from you and your fur baby?


In this article, we’ll discuss more on dog dew claw removal.


Should you remove your dog’s dew claws?

The dewclaw is not a digit, but rather a vestigial digit. A dog’s front paws are supposed to have 5 toes, but when the paw developed in early canines, evolution left behind one extra toe near the heel of some dogs.


In most breeds of dogs and cats, this extra digit is removed while they’re young puppies or kittens.


However, many people believe that dewclaws serve no purpose on your pet’s feet once they’ve grown up and shouldn’t be removed as part of their routine grooming regimen.


While you may be tempted to leave these unruly little digits intact, removing them can actually benefit both your dog and yourself!



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What are the types of dog dew claw removal surgery performed by veterinarians?

dog dew claw removed


There are three common types of dew claw removal surgery performed by veterinarians:


Complete Dew Claw Removal

The entire dew claw is removed. This is called surgical debridement and it’s used when there is a problem with the nail, such as an ingrown nail, which causes pain and discomfort to your dog.


This is often done when the dew claw does not contain any bones or cartilage and only has a small piece of skin attached to it.


First Phalanx and Second Phalanx Removal

The first phalanx (the smallest bone) and the second phalanx (the large bone) are removed from the dewclaws on each foot.


This is typically done when your dog has an infection, which makes this type of surgery necessary for health reasons rather than cosmetic ones.


Removal of All Three Phalanges

If your dog’s dew claws are infected or injured, they may need to be removed entirely—including all three phalanges (bones).


This last type of surgery involves removing all or part of your dog’s dew claws and replacing them with artificial ones made from plastic or stainless steel material that won’t grow back as natural nails do.


This type of surgery is often used to treat dogs who have been injured by their own claws—like if one got caught on something during playtime—but some people choose this option for cosmetic reasons.


How much does it cost to remove a dog’s dew claws?

The cost of a dog’s dew claw removal surgery can vary depending on what type of veterinarian you choose to perform the surgery and how much anesthesia is required.


In general, your vet will charge you between $100-$250.


You may also be able to remove your dog’s dew claw at home using an under-the-tongue nail trimming tool or clippers.


If you opt for this method, purchase clippers that are specifically made for dogs since they are designed with safety in mind—otherwise, it could be harmful to your pet!



Whether you’re a new dog owner or not, your pup may need to get his dew claws removed at some point in their life.


If you have any questions about the procedure, talk to your vet before getting started.


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