Dog Scared Of Fireworks – Top Strategies And Remedies

Dog Scared Of Fireworks - Top Strategies And Remedies

People get excited and use fireworks for fun and celebration during holidays. While this may seem fun amongst people, four dogs, the loud booms and flashing lights may not be as much fun.


Is your dog scared of fireworks? Have you been wondering how you can handle such a situation?


If these are some of the questions that may be going through your mind, read on to find out how you can get a solution for your dog.


In a nutshell, dogs are scared of fireworks because they are loud and unpredictable and feel threatened by them. If your dog shows the signs of fearing fireworks, try and create a safe environment for them.


Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?


1. The Sound is Loud

Dogs have a more acute sense of hearing compared to human beings. Due to this reason, the loud booms or crackles and whistles can be alarming to them.


The fact that fireworks make a loud sound might be frightening to dogs.


2. They are Unpredictable

You expect fireworks during holidays, but your dog views the day as any typical day. This is unpredictable to them and comes without warning might be surprising to the dog.


The noise and the flashing lights may look different each time and may come at different intervals; therefore, the dogs might not get used to them.


3. They Pose a Threat

Most dogs may perceive the unpredictability of fireworks as a threat. It is this that causes a fight or flight response amongst various dogs.


Due to this reason, they might bark or run away from the sounds. At times, they may show signs of anxiety or even restlessness.


4. Fireworks Might Make Your Dog Feel Trapped

When your dog feels that fireworks are inescapable, the flight or fight response will be initiated. The fact that they will still hear the loud booms and sounds means they will feel trapped because there is no place they can plan.


This makes them feel that they are trapped therefore making them fear fireworks.



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How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Calm During Fireworks?

a stressed dog


Dogs might have good reasons to fear fireworks, and therefore it is your responsibility to keep them safe and secure.


You can do so by following the guidelines we have discussed below.


1. Keep them Inside

You can bring your dog inside during fireworks displays to protect them from fear.


It will prevent them from running away whenever they feel scared, avoiding danger.


2. Create a Safe Environment

You can make you talk to be comfortable during fireworks by bringing him things that will make him comfortable.


For instance, if they have been crate-trained, you can make the crate available because they might feel safe.


You can take them to a small room with music to help drown the boom from fireworks.


3. Desensitization

This is the process of making your dog aware of fireworks in advance. You can play fireworks sounds on low levels before festivals so that they get used to them.


This will make them associate the sound of fireworks with her happy and fun moments.


Final thoughts

There could be numerous reasons why dogs might fear fireworks. Irrespective of the reasons, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog feels like you are during such events.


By creating a safe environment for your dog whenever there are fireworks, you can be sure that you will prevent them from the stress that comes from it.


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