How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree?

How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree

Cats are very good climbers and rarely need our help navigating high grounds.

Yet, we sometimes come across a feline in distress stranded high up a tree.

As a Good Samaritan, your immediate action is to call for help.


But what if help is miles away or the cat stuck up the tree is furry friend, Ginger?

Dallying a minute longer means more distress for the cat.

And you do not want that for the poor feline.

At the same time, you feel clueless about what you can do to save the cat.


It has happened to all of us.

Fortunately, this article will give you tips on how to get a cat out of a tree.

Also, you will learn how to keep yourself and the cat protected while at it.


How does a cat get stuck on a tree?

That is a good question.

Given that cats are spirited climbers, it is hard to imagine that there is a tree so high for a cat not to climb down from.

What we do not know is that cats make mistakes just like humans.

Don’t believe us? Check out this hilarious compilation of epic cat fails.


So what makes a cat get stuck in a tree?

Going up a tree is quite easy for a cat.

Cats are very ambitious and are always looking for opportunities to challenge their climbing skills.

The higher the tree, the greater the challenge and reward for the feline.

But there is one problem.


Cats don’t think of how they will get down once they go up a high point.

Once they get to a high point and happen to look down, they are scared hairless by what they see.

They have nothing to grab onto while going down which means gravity can send them plummeting in a minute.

So they would rather stay up there and cry for help because attempting to descend makes them dizzy.

Like some kind of feline vertigo.


And that is where you come in.

The unsung hero without a cape.

Getting a cat down a tree is easy if you know what you are doing.

The technique we will show you below will help you get the cat down safely without harming it.

You also protect yourself from getting clawed in the process .


How to get a cat out of a tree in easy steps

Follow these steps and you will get any cat out of a tree in no time.


1. Protect yourself

You must protect yourself before attempting to save a cat from a tree.

Wear a helmet or wrap a scarf around your face to protect yourself from scratches.

You will also need to protect your whole arm from injuries in case the cat decides to scratch.


2. Create a ramp for the cat

If the height between the cat and the ground is not too high, you can create a ramp for the cat to walk down.

Find a branch or wooden plank and place it against the tree.

The cat will be able to walk down the ramp and back to safety.

If the cat appears frightened, you may have to move away so it can climb down.


3. Move any predator away

A predator like a dog can chase a cat up a tree.

The dog’s reluctance to leave the chase forces the cat to remain stranded in the tree.

If you walk into this stand-off between the cat and dog, try and lure the dog away.


If the dog’s timid or well-socialized, it will heed your instructions and back away.  

What if the canine is an aggressive off-leash dog? Try and lure the pooch away using treats.

You may want to protect your face and arms in case the dog decides to attack.

If all fails, call the local dog shelter to move the dog away.


4. Climb after the cat

There are moments where you will have to climb up and get the cat.

If the cat is a kitten that is too timid to move, going after it is the only option.

Ensure you are protected from head to toe.

Use a towel or jacket to wrap the cat in before you start climbing down.


5. Use a basket

Tie a rope on a basket and toss it over the branch where the cat is.

This option is ideal if the tree is too high to climb.

Ensure you add some treats into the basket to lure the cat in.

Once the cat is in the basket, start lowering it slowly to the ground.

Do not lower the basket abruptly, or make any sudden movements, as this may spook the cat.


Final Word

You do not need to be an expert to know how to get a cat out of a tree.

These expert tips should help you get any cat out of a high tree within minutes.

If all fails, the local animal shelter can help in rescuing the stranded feline.


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