Is a Cat a Good Dog Companion?

Is a Cat a Good Dog Companion

When people do not get along, they are referred to as “cats and dogs” because the two animals mentioned left us with the notion that they are rivals and mortal enemies.


Therefore, when we see some videos of cats and dogs playing and eating together or maybe taking a nap beside each other, we are taken by surprise, and therefore we ask: Is a cat a good dog companion?


Well, read on to find out.


Can Cat and Dogs Get Along?

Cat and dog can get along


Research shows that yes, cats and dogs can get along well – if the cat is present in your home first before the dog comes.


A cat can be an excellent companion to your dog if you will have a cat first then introduce the dog later.


The age at which meet also plays a vital role.


If both your cat and dog meet each other at a young age, they have a higher chance of forming a bond.


The friendship between the two can develop faster, unlike if they are introduced later in life.


Growing together at the same house and being taken care of in the same way contributes a significant factor in helping them form a healthy and loving relationship.


Sometimes, even if this is the case, you still must train your dog to leave your cat alone or view your cat not as prey but as a friend, especially if your dog is a giant breed.


The same applies to your cat because, as we all know, cats are very territorial and do not like sharing the area they are in.


Much less their specific space, with other cats, and even lesser with a dog.



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How Should I Help Them Connect?

You must help both your cat and dog understand that they are friends and not foes.


You can call them out when one of them is harassing or starting a fight with the other.


By showing them that you love both equally and you are not favoring either your cat or your dog.


Final Thoughts

To sum it all, yes, a cat is a good companion for a dog.


Although it will be easier for you to help them get along if you get the cat first, then introduce the dog later.


Also, it is better if both pets are still young when introduced to each other.


You will know that they are starting to get along with each other when they begin to play together or take a nap together.


Bumping their head against the other and doing the “nose to nose” gesture is also a good sign.


Sometimes, you will even see your cat sleeping on top of your dog!


If you train them well to act friendly with each other, then you have given your dog one of the best companions they can ever have – a cat!


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