How To Tell If Your Maltese Is Purebred?

How To Tell If Your Maltese Is Purebred

Known as gentle and sprightly, the Maltese is a great companion for anyone.

They are loveable and make great therapy and competition dogs.

If you are concerned about whether your Maltese might not be purebred, read more to find out how to identify purebred Maltese.


Purebred Definition

A purebred dog is a dog that has been bred from parents of the same breed or variety.

This means that your Maltese should have been bred by two other Maltese dogs.

This also means that their grandparents and great-grandparents should also be of the Maltese breed.

Knowing if your dog is purebred can help you have a better idea of his physical appearance, temperance, and health.



How to Tell if Your Maltese is a Purebred

maltese on black background

There are a few ways to tell if your Maltese is purebred.

Other than their physical appearance, you can:


1. Check his pedigree papers

The Kennel Club and American Kennel Club will register your purebred dog as pedigrees.

If your breeder had given you a pedigree when purchasing your Maltese, it is likely that they are purebred.


Pedigrees will give you the details of your dog’s ancestors of up to five generations.

They will also show you who they are and how they are like.

Please ensure that your breeder is reliable as some breeders may be dishonest when giving away pedigrees.


2. Have a DNA test

Another way is to get a DNA test for your dog.

There are multiple tests that you can find online.

A DNA test will show you more about your dog’s ancestors and giving you more information about your dog.



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Maltese Physical Appearance

The Maltese breed is a small dog and typically white.

This breed can grow up to 7 inches high and 7pounds heavy.


A pure Maltese should have a pure white coat, although they can come in lemon or tan in certain areas.

According to the American Kennel Club, pure white Maltese are preferred among owners.

They are alert with dark eyes and short hair that curls at the tip.

They also have a naturally long tail that curls while having ears that drop close to their face.

Their hair on their ears can be grown long which will blend into their coat.


It is not uncommon for a purebred Maltese to have noses that change in color.

Their black nose as a puppy may turn either brown or pink as they grow older too.

This phenomenon may be caused by multiple factors including a lack of sunlight, allergies, and exposure to dry or cold air.



Happy maltese puppy

Maltese are generally playful and lively, known as one of the gentlest breeds.

They love people, thus being easy to train and please.

Training purebred Maltese early is important to help them develop good behavior.

They can learn commands pretty quickly as compared to other breeds, however, can be stubborn at times.


They are also loyal to their owners and love their attention.

This also means that they are not able to be left alone for long and may result in them developing separation anxiety.


As mentioned, purebred Maltese can become jealous if overprotected.

This means that they can act out when near strangers such as barking and becoming aggressive.


Maltese are playful and can be active indoors.

This means that they do not need too much exercise outdoors.


Do note that temperaments depend on how their parents are like.

If you would like to know more about your Maltese and their temperament, you could arrange a meet with their parent, through your breeder.



Purebred Maltese are generally healthy, however are prone to certain health conditions.

Some conditions include:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Portosystemic liver shunt
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Hypoglycemia
  • White dog shaker syndrome
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Reverse sneezing


It is important to know if your Maltese is purebred so you can be aware of any potential health conditions they may have.

If you want a definite factual answer to whether your Maltese is purebred, it is best you take a DNA test.

DNA tests are able to give you a solid answer on your Maltese’s breed as well as their ancestors.


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