Is Costco Dog Food On Recall?

Is Costco Dog Food On Recall

Several pet food manufacturers have recalled products due to harmful additives or contamination in the past decade.


Companies like Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Variety, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition all had recalls on their pet foods in the last few years.


In some cases, toxic ingredients result in death.


Are you wondering if Costco has a dog food recall?


Keep reading to learn more about Costco dog food recalls and whether or not there have been any recalls on their brand of dog food recently.


Does Costco have a recall on dog food?

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In October 2018, a recall was issued for various dog food brands sold at Costco.


Some brands were sold exclusively at Costco, while others were also available at other retailers.


Del Monte ordered the recall after they were found to be tainted with salmonella during the manufacturing process.


If dogs consume it, it can make them sick and kill them in severe circumstances.



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How many recalls has Costco dog food had?

The only recall the company has ever had was in 2008 when they sold beef products contaminated with E. coli.


Since then, there have been no additional recalls from Costco or any other pet food brands owned by them or their parent company, Mars Incorporated.


Does Costco dog food come from China?

Costco dog food is made in the USA, not in China. It is the number one selling brand of dry dog food at Costco.


Costco sells two brands of dog food: Kirkland Signature Brand and Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain.


These brands are made in the USA with ingredients from the US and Canada. They are not recalled because they are made by a private company, Proctor & Gamble), which does not use ingredients from China or other countries that the contaminated pet food scandal has compromised.



Although Costco has not issued any recalls, keeping an eye on your dog food is essential because manufacturing problems can sometimes happen.


Various signs may indicate a problem with your dog’s food, including bad smells and odors, discoloration in the food, or if your dog suddenly becomes ill after eating the Costco food.


These all may point to more significant issues concerning pet food safety.


Even if you aren’t under a recall notice, it’s always important to check the quality of your dog’s food and keep an eye out for any changes that could cause concern.


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