Is It OK To Hold a Dog’s Mouth Shut?

Is It OK To Hold a Dog's Mouth Shut?\

Does your dog bark a lot? Do you want to stop that behavior?


You may be tempted to hold your dog’s mouth closed and keep it from barking.


While this may seem like an immediate solution, it isn’t recommended.


Learn why you should never hold a dog’s mouth shut and what is the best way to stop your dog from barking.


Is it ok to hold a dog’s mouth shut?

It is never okay to hold a dog’s mouth shut.


This can cause the dog pain and injury, as well as panic, and may lead them to bite the person holding them.


What happens if you hold a dog’s mouth shut?

Owner holding its dog's mouth


Holding your dog’s mouth shut, no matter how happy and excited he is to see you, is never a good idea.


The following things can happen when you  hold a dog’s mouth:


  • Will not be able to breathe
  • Cannot bite anyone, even if they are mean to you
  • Teeth will begin falling out from lack of use
  • Won’t be able to pant and stay cool in the summer heat, which can lead to overheating and heatstroke (not good for any living thing!)
  • Won’t be able to bark at strangers who come too close or make other unwanted noises around other humans or dogs that might frighten them into attacking one another (a very real risk).



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Why should you never hold your dog’s mouth shut?

Holding a dog’s mouth shut is never okay.


It can be very stressful for the animal, and it can also lead to other problems like biting or aggression.


Your dog will become scared and stressed

Dogs don’t understand what you want them to do when you hold their mouth shut.


They might panic and try to bite you in order to get away from the situation, which is how many owners end up getting bit by their dogs.


Your dog won’t be able to breathe

it’s important that all animals have enough oxygen flowing through their bodies at all times, but this becomes especially important for dogs because they need extra air for panting due to their higher body temperature (compared with humans).


When your hand covers your dog’s nose on top of his muzzle, it restricts airflow through both of these openings—which could lead to a lack of oxygen if it continues long enough.


The fear response leads many dogs into a state where they feel compelled not only into biting but also to show aggressive behavior towards humans.


What is the best way to stop your dog from barking?

Barking is a natural dog behavior. Dogs bark for many reasons, including to alert you to a threat, protect their territory, or let you know they are happy.


It’s important to recognize that barking can be an effective way for your dog to communicate with you—and learning how to read the meaning behind their barks will help you better understand your pet.



This means you can try playing with your dog, going for walks or runs together, and even taking them on a drive.


If all else fails, ask a friend or family member to help you out by visiting the house and distracting your dog.


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