Is Palo Santo Toxic to Dogs?

Is Palo Santo Toxic to Dogs

Essential oils are useful in calming your dog or treating its fleas.


But not all essential oils are tested to be non-toxic like the ones made of palo santo.


Is palo santo toxic to dogs? Find out in this article.


What is Palo Santo?

Palo santo for dogs


Palo Santo, known as the holy wood, is a mystical and sacred wood for shamans and healers.


But they have become increasingly popular among ordinary individuals because of its alleged benefits on the body and in the surroundings.


They use this type of wood in various forms:



They shave the wood and soak it in hot water for an invigorating tea.


Users of palo santo believe that this can boost digestion and improve disposition.



To make a palo santo incense, indigenous healers prepare the Bursera graveolens wood to steam distill.


They use it for cars, gardens, one’s body, or personal space.


Some people use palo santo incense to clear negative energy and soothe their feelings of anxiety.


Essential oil

Palo Santo is among the top choices for essential oils.


It works best as a massage oil, oil diffuser, or inhalation.


It is great for muscle cramps and spasms. Palo Santo also treats inflammation and other problems with digestion.



Palo Santo also works as an insect repellant.


Some would say that a tiny amount tapped on wrists would deter mosquitoes.


This is a cheaper, safer, and more natural alternative for commercial insecticides.


If palo santo can kill mosquitoes and insects, there is a growing, underlying question — is palo santo toxic to dogs?


Are we certain that it is a hundred percent safe for animals?


This may be non-toxic, but there can be some side effects for that matter.


Is Palo Santo Toxic to Dogs?

Information about this plant species is scarce.


No studies have investigated its toxicity towards animals like felines and canines yet.


Hence, it is not safe to assume that palo santo is not toxic.


As a rule of thumb, better not let your pet get in contact with palo santo, whether it is in essential oil, tea, incense, or worst of all, insect repellant.


Here is a list of symptoms that canines have consumed something that is toxic or poisonous.

  • Lack of interest in usual activities
  • Lack of energy and appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Nausea



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What You Should Do

  1. If you think that your pooch has inhaled a poisonous substance or plant, call the veterinarian for immediate action.
  2. Give your pet water and help it calm down. Do not let it get dehydrated.
  3. You can help by identifying the cause of its reaction and bring a sample.
  4. Let the vet observe your pet and run some tests for proper treatment.



To sum it up, is palo santo toxic to dogs? No evidence can back any answer yet.


It may be safe, but we are not certain it is non-toxic.


It is better to be safe than sorry.


Prevent your dog from inhaling palo santo incense.


Avoid using palo santo essential oil or consuming tea as we do not know just yet what it can do to your dog’s health.


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