Is Crocosmia Poisonous to Dogs?

Is Crocosmia Poisonous to Dogs

Our ecosystem is packed full of mesmerizing plants that we all love and adore.


Some of these leaf-covered organisms are safe for consumption, like the strawberry leaves, while some are not so good for you or your pet if you have one.


What about Crocosmia, or some might call it, the Lucifer?


Is it okay for our dogs to eat this plant?


Let us find out in this article if the Crocosmia plant is safe for your dog!


What Happens If Your Dog Eats Crocosmia?

crocosmia in dogs


Crocosmia is a commonly-growing plant around shrubs across the American winters, and if your dog eats any of it, especially the stem and bulb, it can be mildly dangerous.


The Crocosmia plant is not particularly fatal for your dog, but there are some light consequences of eating it.


In addition to its light to moderate levels of toxicity, your dog may feel a collection of symptoms, inducing abdominal pain.


If your pet eats excessive amounts of this plant, it may trigger kidney problems, digestive inflammations, liver problems, or even death.


Will my dog be okay if it eats Crocosmia?

Ingesting the crocosmia plant above ground will cause some slight discomfort to your dog.


You can confirm with your doctor promptly if you think your dog has ingested a Crocosmia Corm.


Mild Symptoms Caused by Ingesting Crocosmia

The effects of consumption of the Crocosmia plant are not necessarily fatal but might cause severe problems if your dog eats excessive amounts of the plant.


Some of the most common symptoms are as follows:

  • Slight discomfort
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting



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What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Crocosmia?

Although crocosmia plants do not have as severe side effects as other poisonous plants like Gladiolus, it is still necessary for you to consult with your trusted vet on what to do when your dog suddenly ate Crocosmia.


That is because some dogs do not suffer any side effects, while some can have mild discomforts to severe allergic reactions.


It is more so the case if it is the first time your dog has eaten Crocosmia.


They might react badly to the plant as it is the first time it has entered their system.


So to be safe, check it up with your trusted veterinarian.



Not all plants that seem are pretty in appearance are also harmless.


Sometimes, the prettier the plant looks, even some animals, the more dangerous they are.


Such is the case for the Crocosmia plant.


Any parts of the Crocosmia plant, especially the bulb, are mildly scary and will induce mild to severe abdominal and digestive problems.


Although the side effects may not be as fatal to your dog as the other poisonous plants, there will still be a bit of discomfort.


So, next time you will stroll with your dog, be careful, and play the safe card of not letting your dog eat this plant!


If your dog ate the plant and shows any sign of discomfort, approach your vet about it so your dog can get proper medical treatment.


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