Is Yorkie Tail Docking Necessary?

Is Yorkie Tail Docking Necessary

It’s hard to believe that the cutest dog breed ever could have its tail docked.


It seems so cruel!


But it’s a common practice for many dog breeds, including Yorkshire Terriers.


While it’s my opinion that docking a Yorkie’s tail is unnecessary, there are some instances where it may be required by law or may be necessary for your dog’s health.


In this article, we’ll discuss why you should consider not docking your Yorkie’s tail and what situations might benefit from having their tails docked.


Do Yorkies Need Their Tail Docked?

yorkie docked tail


You might have heard of tail docking before, but what exactly is it?


The most common reason people dock their Yorkies’ tails is because they want to be able to show them in competitions like agility or obedience trials.


The AKC describes docking as “a practice that has been used by some kennel clubs to help prevent injuries and make it easier for dogs to compete in certain events.”


Where is it Illegal to Dock a Yorkie’s Tail?

In countries like England, Australia, Finland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Iceland, and Croatia, among others, it is illegal to dock a Yorkie.  


What’s the Difference Between a Natural Tail and a Docked Tail on a Yorkie?

If you’re looking for the difference between a natural tail and a docked tail, here are some key points:


  • A natural Yorkie tail is longer and more flexible than a docked one.
  • A natural Yorkie’s backside is covered in fur, while his front side has hair that can be trimmed to look like a “puppy cut” or “tapered cut.” A docked dog has skin covering where his backside used to be furred out, with only his front paws left free of any hair styling.
  • Because their tails are longer and more flexible than those of dogs who have had their tails amputated (docked), Yorkies can keep them high or low depending on what they’re doing.



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Is Docking a Yorkie’s Tail Painful for the Dog?

While docking is not a painful procedure, it is often not necessary.


Many owners say they do it to prevent tail injuries and discomfort for their pets, but there are other ways to protect Yorkies from these issues.


First of all, you can use a harness instead of a collar when walking your dog.


This will minimize pulling on his or her neck, which can cause strain and injury to the spine or injury where the tail meets the spine.


If your Yorkie does decide to chew on something she shouldn’t, make sure she has plenty of toys available so that she doesn’t need any others!


What are the Risks of Docking a Yorkie’s Tail?

There are many risks involved with docking your dog’s tail.


The most notable is an infection at the site of the surgery, which may require additional treatment.


Other risks include bleeding, excessive swelling, and problems with healing after the procedure.


It may also be difficult to keep your Yorkie from licking at the stitches or bandage, which can lead to infection as well as pain on behalf of your dog.


If this happens, you will need to go back to the vet for further treatment or remove the bandage yourself at home.


In some cases, dogs have been known to bleed heavily after their tails were removed, which requires immediate medical attention.



All in all, the question of whether or not to dock a Yorkie’s tail is one that is best answered by you and your vet.


If you feel like your dog would be happier with a docked tail, then go for it!


Just be sure to ask plenty of questions about the procedure so that you can feel confident in making this decision for your best friend.


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