Can I Give My Dog Piriton For Allergies?

Piriton for dogs

For most owners and vets, piriton for dogs is the best way to address and alleviate allergies.

But is piriton for dogs safe?

Believe it or not, piriton for dogs is safe and one of the few human-medications which can be given to your dog.


In fact, most veterinarians will use piriton for dogs at some point to alleviate certain symptoms.

On the other hand, you need to be careful with dosage and use when it comes to dogs.

That is, you should always take precautions with medication but extra care is needed for dogs.


Let’s take a closer look at the make-up of piriton:


What is Piriton and How Does It Work?

Just so you know, Piriton is an antihistamine which can help sedate a human or dog.

More specifically, it uses chlorpheniramine maleate to prevent histamine from responding to the actual allergy.

For this reason, certain changes take place in the body which bolster the immune system

In other words, piriton for dogs can help prevent allergic reactions and alleviate the severity of symptoms that your dog might be experiencing.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms for which piriton for dogs might be used:


Symptoms that Piriton for Dogs Might Be Used

If your dog is scratching or showing signs of itchiness, piriton can be used to alleviate such discomfort.

Similarly, piriton can help with eye irritation, hay fever and allergies, while any insect bites, fleas or stings can also be targeted by the medication.

For some dogs, this is also a way to alleviate symptoms in the long term and not many side effects come about from the usage.

You should also know that no cure is available for allergies and dogs often need these antihistamines to alleviate discomfort.


It’s true, piriton can reduce some truly awful feelings for your dog and you can find this medication in either tablet form or liquid form.

Now, in case you might be asking yourself, let’s consider if piriton is suitable for your dog.



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Deciding Whether to Use Piriton for Your Dog

As you can imagine, it’s essential to discuss the use of piriton for dogs with your local vet.

You see, it’s possible to get the dosage wrong and dogs are much more sensitive to medication than us humans.

Also, are you mixing piriton with other drugs? It doesn’t always work so well with other medication and negative side effects can come about from bad practice.

As a rule, your vet will consider the age, weight and condition of your dog before prescribing a specific dosage.

Just so you know, this medication is usually taken two or three times per day.


About Giving Your Dog the Actual Piriton

Firstly, you should always watch your dog closely and keep an eye on behavior after their first dose and if you notice any problems, you should contact the vet.

However, problems are not the same as side effects and you should have a good general idea when it comes to what your dog might experience.

Here are some of the main side effects that can arise:


  • Nausea – Piriton for dogs can induce nausea.
  • Vomiting – You dog may get sick and this can also lead to a lack or loss of appetite.
  • Diarrhea – Your dogs bowel is directly impacted by piriton but this usually passes quite quickly.
  • Thirsty – If your dog is always thirsty, this is because piriton can cause the mouth to go very dry.
  • Drowsy – Sedative drugs are likely to make your dog feel drowsy. For this reason, they might not want to sleep so much at night either.
  • Aggression – On occasion, dogs can be a little snappy due to medication. At times, this is also due to tiredness and this is also something that should pass over the course of a few days.

Needless to say, these are just a few of the many symptoms associated with piriton for dogs.

For this reason, you should speak with a vet when you notice any strange or unusual behaviour after usage.


Final Thoughts

It’s true, piriton for dogs is thought to be safe in general but consulting a vet will help you feel more at ease about the process.

What’s more, a vet can check the dosage and provide insight that you may not have thought about before administering the drug yourself.

Either way, piriton is a widely used drug for dogs and with careful consideration, this might be just the solution your dog needed.


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