Why Dogs Eats Grass?

At a time when scientific studies are so common, there must be a specific reason for it, right?

Well, not exactly. The truth is, we know very little in terms of this behavior.

In fact, most of what we know and the content of this article is based on theory or suspicion as opposed to fact.

For instance, some experts believe that dogs find some sort of vitamin or fibre in grass.


Meanwhile, many scientists think that eating grass is an inherent part of a dogs make-up.

That is to say, it’s thought this behavior is due to ancestry as dogs were eating grass long before they became domesticated.

But before we talk about more theories, let’s think about what we know for sure:

Dogs eat meat and plant-based food. Grass will often consist of water content and dogs like to drink water too.

Dogs also like to chew on paws, toys, chairs, shoes, and everything else in sight.


It makes you wonder; why are we so concerned about our dogs eating grass?!


Inconclusive Studies about “Why Do Dogs Eat Grass”

We are curious beings and we like to play things safe with our dogs.

With this in mind, it’s important to pay attention to unusual behavior and keep our dogs best interests at heart.

However, there’s still very little information available on this topic.


More specifically, there have been little to no studies about “why do dogs eat grass” and even the experts say the same.

For instance, a well-respected professor at the University of British Columbia once stated that only one study existed in terms of “Why do dogs eat grass”.

What’s more, professor Stanley Cohen explained how this study was tasked with confirming that dogs eat grass to induce vomiting.



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Just so you know, many experts believe that cats eat grass because it makes them vomit.

As a result, cats can clear their stomach of parasites, fur or anything that impacts the digestive system.


Anyway, the above mentioned study was taking a similar approach but the results were not only conclusive but also surprising.

In other words, just 8% of the dog owners in this study had ever witnessed their dog vomiting after eating grass.

While this is merely one point in the study, there were many more to suggest that dogs do not eat grass in order to vomit when they are feeling ill.


Theories and Suspicions About Dogs Eating Grass

Did you know that dogs will often lick their owner because they like the taste of their skin?

It’s true, certain oils and creams can make human skin seem like the perfect surface to lick!

For this reason, some experts believe that dogs eat grass purple for the taste or texture.

On the other hand, maybe it’s just habit? After all, dogs chew on shoes, sofas and everything else in sight.


Here are just a few more reasons in terms of why do dogs eat grass:

  • Instinct — We all do things that cannot be explained. Sometimes this behavior is out of habit and others because we feel anxious. Maybe this is just your dog, being your dog – acting silly and doing strange things!
  • Greens — If you put salad in front of most dogs, they will likely eat it. For all we know, your dog might look at grass in precisely the same way that we look at salad – assuming you like salad!
  • Flossing — It’s possible that grass helps your dog with flossing between their teeth. In fact, this would make perfect sense as it’s the only practical way in which they can do something like this!

But reasons and theories aside, you might be wondering if eating grass is a bad thing?


The Dangers Associated with Dogs Eating Grass

Believe it or not, there are no health concerns when it comes to dogs eating grass.

While excessive grass eating may suggest your dog is not feeling so well, the grass is unlikely to cause a problem.

Now, that’s not to say your dog should be encouraged but rather to point out that eating grass from time to time is not a big deal.

With that said, it should also go without saying that you never know what substances or chemicals might be on this grass and this is one reason to address the issue.


Final Thoughts

You might want to worry less about your dog eating grass but if this is something that you think is getting out of hand, by all means visit the local vet.

Either way, eating grass is not a dangerous habit and certainly not something that we should overthink before getting an expert opinion.


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