Serval vs Caracal – Spot The Difference

Serval vs Caracal - Spot The Difference

Are you trying to figure out the difference between a serval and a caracal?


Maybe you’re considering getting one of these exotic cats as a pet, or maybe you just like looking at pictures of them.


Either way, we’re here for you with this handy guide!


What Are the Difference Between a Serval and a Caracal

Servals and caracals are both medium-sized cats that can be found in Africa, Asia, and Europe.


They are also both members of the family Felidae.


Despite these similarities, they have many differences between them.


  • Life Span Difference
  • Social Differences
  • Hunting Differences


Life Span Difference

One major difference between servals and caracals is their life spans.


Servals can live up to 20 years while caracals typically live only 15 years in the wild.


In captivity, however, both of these cats can live up to 18 years if they receive proper care and nutrition.


Social Differences

Caracals are solitary animals and tend to avoid each other during the day.


They hunt at night and don’t often encounter other caracals during this time.


Servals, on the other hand, live in groups called clans that can include up to 20 individuals from one or two generations (a mother with her offspring).


These groups stay together for several years.


They establish territories but don’t fight over them as lions do; instead, they share food with each other when available.


Hunting Differences

 Caracals are mostly nocturnal hunters, which means they hunt at night.


Their eyesight is very good in low-light conditions, so they don’t have any problems seeing prey animals or predators at night.


They are also capable of seeing color at night, which helps them find their prey easier.


Servals are not as nocturnal as servals but are still primarily active during the night.


Their eyesight isn’t quite as good as the Caracal’s but it’s still very good in low light conditions so they aren’t hindered by hunting at night either.



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Can You Own a Caracal or Serval Cat?

While the Caracal and Serval are both wild cats, you can own a serval.


The caracal is not currently legal to have as a pet in most states.


This is because it has been bred with domestic cats to create hybrids that are illegal as pets.


A serval can be trained fairly easily, but a caracal is more difficult to domesticate because they are known to be very aggressive towards humans.


Servals also tend to be much larger than caracals and therefore cost more money (upwards of $10,000).


Is a Serval Stronger Than a Caracal?

A Serval is stronger than a Caracal, but not by much.


Both cats have about the same weight, though the Serval has larger muscles and therefore more strength.


The Serval is also more aggressive than the Caracal.


The Serval’s high level of intelligence allows it to be very aggressive in areas where food is scarce or when hunting for prey.


This can be seen when these animals are spotted at night because they will travel great distances without stopping for rest or sleep until they find something worth catching!



So, there you have it. The two cats are similar enough that it’s easy to confuse them, but the differences are important.


If you want a cat that will be a great companion for your family and kids, then go with a serval or caracal!


They’re both intelligent animals that can be trained to do tricks and obey commands—even better than some dogs!


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