Siamese Cat Lifespan: Know What To Expect

Siamese is a unique breed of cat. Originally from Thailand, they have long tails, and their coat is short and close to the body. They are generally slender, with blue eyes.


These cats are known to be playful and affectionate. Do you know how long a Siamese cat typically lives?


If you’re the proud owner of a Siamese cat, you may be wondering just how long your pet is likely to live. In general, Siamese cats tend to have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years.


Of course, this varies depending on the individual cat’s health and lifestyle, so it’s important to provide your pet with the best possible care to help them live a long and healthy life.


Siamese Cat Lifespan

It is widely known that a mixed breed of cats lives longer than pure breeds. However, Siamese cats do not follow this rule.


The pure breed of Siamese cats lives longer than other cats. On average, Siamese cats live for 15 to 20 years.


Proper diet, care, and regular checkups will improve its high life expectancy.


Why does Siamese live long?

siamese cat in brown background


As the popular saying “A cat has nine lives” goes, the Siamese cat is a perfect illustration. Several factors can be attributed to the long-life span of the Siamese cat.


Below are some reasons why the Siamese cat outdoes other breeds when it comes to lifespan;


1. A Loving Personality

Siamese cats do not brood in the house alone, and they seldom sulk or avoid the caregiver. Instead, they crave human attention and companionship due to their loving personality.


They also meow their opinions and wants. Generally, they live a stress-free life, and it is difficult for them to die young.


2. They Are an Indoor Breed

Siamese cats are an indoor breed. Indoor breeds generally live longer, and this is because they are likely to be vaccinated, taken for checkups, find warmth and companionship.


Outdoor cats run the risk of death from roaming outside.





Tips To Increase the Lifespan of Your Cat

For additional years of companionship from your cat, you surely need to give it exemplary care.


What are the tips to increase the longevity of your cat?


1. Love Your Cat

Shower your cat with a lot of love and cuddling. Cats are huge fans of attention.


2. Take it for regular checkups

Make sure you have immunized your cat, and it is always healthy. Visit the vet for regular checkups of the cat.


3. Exercise

You need to have toys, perches, cat trees, and a wide space to play with your cat. Your cat requires exercise for healthy living.


4. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Keeping your cats indoors saves them from many risks; fleas, animals, cars, and motorbikes.


Keeping your cat indoors also saves it from becoming a nuisance in the neighborhood.


Final Take Away

The Siamese cat is a beautiful fun pet that you can keep healthy and happy for a long time.


Treat them well for a long-lived family companion that will bring you joy.


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