Top Cat Exercise Wheels – The Shopping Guide

Top Cat Exercise Wheels

As much as we want to keep our cats active and healthy, studies show that it is safer to keep them indoors. However, with this comes the risk of our feline friends becoming obese, or what is commonly referred to as “big chunks.” A chunky boy might be cute, but it is not healthy.


Please note that obesity can lead to various health problems, so owners must find different ways to get their feline friends up and moving. It is where the importance of a cat exercise wheel comes in.


A cat exercise wheel provides your feline friend with mental and physical stimulation so they can stay fit and healthy. These wheels are extremely helpful in ensuring your cat gets some exercise even when they are indoors. We have compiled and reviewed the top cat exercise wheels in the market to help you decide!


Benefits Of Cat Exercise Wheels

Before we jump to the list of the best cat exercise wheel on the market, let us first look at its benefits to your feline friend. These benefits include motivation, safety, and being able to see your cat.


Some of the benefits you can get by opting for a cat exercise wheel are:


It can motivate your cat to move.

First and foremost, it can motivate your cat to get up and get moving.


Studies show that cats increase the number of their physical activities when allowed to do so. Having a cat exercise wheel around can boost your cat’s activeness.


It is much safer than letting your cat wander outside.

Next, it is a safe way to ensure that your cat gets the exercise they need. While some cats can go and navigate outside without any problem, some can quickly get lost or, worse, put themselves in danger if left unattended.


Another thing is that you can ensure that your cat will be safe from any physical harm (like accidentally stepping on something sharp on the road). Cat wheels are designed to provide comfort to your cats while they run around and exercise.


You can see your cat exercising as they stay indoors.

Lastly, you can monitor your cat as they use the wheel and exercise. This way, they will not have to go out and be at risk of getting into a fight with other animals.


The Best Cat Exercise Wheels of 2022

If you need a good cat exercise wheel for your furry friend, here are some brands you might want to consider, including Penn-Plax, TT, One Fast, and more. We listed out their weight, dimensions (so you can estimate how much space it would take), and what some customers thought about it. Here are some of them:


1. Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel & Tree

Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel & Tree


Weighing 29.15 pounds, the Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel & Tree is one of 2022’s top picks. Its dimensions are 31.5 x 15.75 x 35.04 inches and are made of wood and sisal, known as heavy-duty materials.


It has a stable climbing frame where your cat can relax and bears a 20-inch wheel. The best thing is, that the wheel is lined with sisal carpet to provide your cat with an extra grip.


2. Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Wheel

Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Wheel


Today’s second-best cat exercise wheel in the market is the Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Wheel. It weighs 27.47 pounds and has dimensions of 23.62 x 12.88 x 35.83 inches. Like the Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel & Tree, it is made of wood and sisal, but the difference is, it is a less complex version of the former.


Your feline friend can get lots of exercise without taking up too much of your room’s space. This wheel is designed for average-sized cats and is recommended for cats under 15 pounds.


3. TT Build Cat Wheel Toy

TT Build Cat Wheel Toy


Weighing 55 pounds, the TT Build Cat Wheel Toy is virtually indestructible. Its dimensions are 41 x 9 x 41 inches, and it is made from wood and canvass. It is quite easy to set up. It is also quite durable and can withstand the test of time.


The best thing about this is that it is virtually silent, so even if your cat uses it all night, you can be guaranteed a good night’s sleep. However, one downside to this cat exercise wheel is its price which is more expensive than other brands.





4. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel


One Fast Cat weighs 29 pounds and has dimensions of 35.2 x 14 x 10.6 inches. It is made of foam, which can easily be assembled or disassembled when needed.


The foam protects your cat’s claws from catching on the wheel, giving them a soft footing. If you need to clean it, all you have to do is hose the wheel down or wipe it with a wet cloth. Note that its outer material is made of plastic which means it is not as durable as the other brands.


5. TWW Treadmill

TWW Treadmill


The TWW Treadmill weighs 21.23 pounds and is made of Polyvinyl Chloride. It has a better weight-bearing capacity and offers superior stability compared to other brands. It was load-tested and could withstand up to 176 pounds without breaking.


Another thing is, it has a silent bearing which means the wheel is extremely quiet. However, the product cannot have it all. With all these fantastic features, the price can be a bit hefty. But, even so, it can provide you with the best value for your money.


6. JOUDOO Cat Treadmill

JOUDOO Cat Treadmill


The JOUDOO Cat Treadmill weighs 39.37 pounds and has dimensions of 42.13 x 38.58 x 5.51 inches. It is made of carpet and plastic and is available in 12 different sizes.


Quality-wise, there is no question about this cat exercise wheel. However, some found it hard to assemble this one. If you decide to go with this product, we suggest opting for the help of someone handy or good in DIY projects.


The tools, screws, and parts needed are included in the package, and the assembly takes about four hours. It also requires two people to be assembled correctly. It is sturdy and can hold about 150 pounds.


JOUDOO Cat Treadmill is also easy to maintain. When cleaning, using a wet cloth or vacuuming the carpet liner gets the job done.


7. WUQIAO Cat Exercise Wheel

WUQIAO Cat Exercise Wheel


Last but not least is the WUQIAO Cat Exercise Wheel. It has 29 x 14.2 x 28 inches and is made of wood and paper. This wheel is environmentally friendly, but it can only accommodate cats weighing up to 14 pounds.


Some feel that this brand is quite expensive considering that it is corrugated paper. We will leave the decision up to you!



Keeping your feline friend healthy is not an option but is a must. Opting for a cat exercise wheel that suits your pet’s needs can help get the job done. After going through our recommendations, we hope you can make up your mind on which one to get.


Just remember to consider your cat’s weight, the available space you have, and your budget when choosing the perfect wheel for your cat. It would also be best to let your car get acquainted with the cat wheel first and let them check it on their own. It will be a faster way to get them to use the cat wheel rather than force them to use it.


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