Dog Diapers – Top Reasons You May Need Them and Brands to Get

Dog Diapers - Top Reasons You May Need Them and Brands to Get

We are all familiar with diapers for kids and adults, but did you know that there are also diapers specially made for your furry friends? Yes, your dog has its diapers too.


These dog diapers can be such a relief not only for your dogs (because they can finally “go” anywhere) but also to pet parents who cannot have their dogs out of sight.


Some of the reasons pet parents should get dog diapers for their furry friends to include managing incontinence.


It is also helpful if your dog is in heat, has an illness, has hygiene purposes, and has specific behavioral issues.


What Are Dog Diapers?

Dog diapers are almost exactly like a regular baby and adult diapers, except that these diapers have a hole in your dog’s tail.


Like diapers made for humans, there are cloth and disposable dog diapers. So, you can choose which material will be more comfortable for your dog.


Types of Dog Diapers

dog diaper


Many options range from DIY, disposable, and washable dog diapers.


What is essential is that these diapers for your furry friends must have a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent liner. It will ensure that it will not quickly get wet from the outside but easily absorbs water inside.


Some brands also have a wetness indicator to help pet parents know when it’s time for their pets to get changed.


Here are the main types of dog diapers:

  • DIY or homemade dog diapers
  • Disposable dog diapers
  • Reusable and washable dog diapers
  • Suspender diapers (this can help keep a dog’s diaper in place)


Top Reasons to Use Dog Diapers

There are several reasons why dogs should use diapers. These reasons can include urinary incontinence, old age, being in heat, and more. Details on these reasons are covered below.


Urinary Incontinence

Just like humans, dogs may also suffer from urinary incontinence. It may be caused by UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), a weakened sphincter muscle, a pre-existing bladder condition, or diabetes. If you notice that your dog is incontinent, immediately bring them to the veterinarian to be correctly diagnosed and treated.


Take note that aside from surgery and medicines, diapers may also be an addition to properly managing your pet’s condition. However, there are some times when your dog is so excited it pees. In this case, a diaper is not necessary. To be specific, it would be better if you had your dog checked often for signs of underlying illnesses.





Old Age

Yes, senior dogs might need diapers too. They might have some problems getting up and going outside to pee (or poop), and they may have difficulties controlling their urges. Of course, medication will help, but the use of dog diapers may start to come in as “essential.”


Females In Heat

Yes, female dogs also have menstruation, and during this time, they might be leaving stains all over the house! Getting your dog diapers will make your house cleaner and prevent the constant licking (which typically occurs with a female dog in heat) when they are in heat.


Spaying and neutering may come as an option, but some pet parents choose to keep their furry friends intact just in case they suddenly change their minds and start to want a couple of new puppies.


House Training

Training your dog to poop or pee in the proper venue, especially if you just previously got them, can be quite a challenge. Getting your pet dog diapers during house potty training may be a temporary solution until your dog can finally “go” in the right place.


However, do not treat diapers as a “crutch” in this scenario since your dog might be 100% reliant on them. Aside from opting for diapers, make sure to train them the good ‘old-fashioned way too – take them out for a walk or reward them if they poop or pee outside on their own.


Underlying Illnesses

As previously mentioned, some illnesses like UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) can be one reason for temporary incontinence.


Aside from this, your dog may just have had surgery recently and would need diapers since they are still too weak to stand up and move around. Sometimes, older dogs suffer from dementia, too, and forget where to poop or pee.


In cases such as these, you must let your dog use diapers to lessen the burden that both of you would have to go through.


Behavioral Issues

Some dogs (male dogs, in particular) tend to pee on almost everything as a sign of marking their territory. This behavior might be frustrating, especially if they do it indoors (and on your home furniture!) For this reason, you might want to turn into belly bands which is what a male diaper is usually called.


Promoting Proper Hygiene

This one is pretty obvious – if your furry friend scoots around in the ground too much, having them wear a diaper can add an extra layer of comfort and protection from dirt and germs, which may cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).


However, please take note that when you put diapers in your pets, they won’t be able to groom or clean this area as often as needed, so make sure to brush their coat regularly, give them breaks from wearing diapers, check their skin for rashes, and make sure that their fur is completely clean and dry before putting on a new diaper.


Disabled/Paralyzed Dogs

Lastly, diapers are a must for dogs that are disabled or paralyzed – and for obvious reasons.


Tips And Tricks in Getting Dog Diapers

diaper for dogs


  • Do not just buy any dog diaper – make sure that it is the right fit for your dog and provides the level of absorbance needed by your pet.
  • Remember to change your dog’s diapers frequently. Do not let them sit in a full diaper to prevent an itchy, uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous rash.
  • Ensure your dog’s genital area is clean and dry before putting on diapers and after taking them off.


Top-Rated Dog Diaper Brands

Here are some of the top and most highly rated dog diaper brands in the market:


1. Out! Disposable Male Wraps

It is one of the most affordable and incredibly praised for its ultra-absorption powers.


It comes in two sizes, its adjustable fit is fur-friendly, and it has small amounts of baking soda, which helps reduce odor.


2. Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Dog Diapers

This brand is known for its female diapers, but they also offer male dogs.


It comes in four different sizes, has a wetness indicator, and its larger sizes have microfiber pads.


Some users also note that it works better with a washable cover to help it stay in place.


3. Paw-Inspired Ultra Protection Disposable Female Dog Diapers

When it comes to female dog diapers, this is one of the highest-rated brands.


Your furry friend will feel active and comfy all day, from its adjustable fit and effectiveness to Dryspeed Technology, which turns liquid into gel.


Your furry friend will feel playful and comfortable all day!


Key Takeaway

Dog diapers may be optional for some, but this is essential in keeping their dog healthy, comfy, and disciplined for other pet parents.


Just remember to monitor your dog’s diapers often, make sure their sensitive area and all surrounding areas are 100% clean and dry before and after applying diapers, and always check your dog for rashes.


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