What To Expect From a Male Dog After Mating?

What To Expect From a Male Dog After Mating

Whether you’re an experienced dog breeder or just starting out, you need to know how to breed a male dog.


That’s why we’ve put together this guide to breeding your male dog. By the end of the article, you’ll be ready to start breeding the best dogs possible!


Does breeding a male dog change their personality?

No. A good father is made, not born. If a male dog is a loving and caring father, he will be that way regardless of whether or not he has been bred before.


If he doesn’t enjoy being with his puppies or is aggressive to them, then his personality won’t change either – it just means you have selected the wrong stud for your bitch.



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What are the effects of breeding male dogs?

Tired male dog


One of the most important things to know about a male dog after mating is that it will be affected by changes in its hormones.


The effects of this can include:


Reduced Appetite

This is another common effect of breeding male dogs, although it’s not always clear why this happens.


Some experts believe that it’s because male hormones influence brain activity in a way that reduces appetite while others think it’s because they’re spending so much time chasing females around in heat that they don’t feel like eating anymore!


Lethargy or lack of energy

This is another symptom associated with breeding male dogs — especially if they’ve been overdoing it with their female companions and have overdone their exercise regime!


Unneutered males have a tendency to sleep more than normal and feel tired.


An increased need for sleep

 Your dog will probably sleep more than usual during this time, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows him to rest up before the next breeding season starts again.


Increased aggression and territorial behavior

When a male dog is in season, he will be aggressive towards other male dogs and may display a tendency to mark his territory by urinating on objects in the house.


This is one reason why it is advised that female dogs be spayed before they come into heat.


What is the male dog breeding cycle?

The male dog’s breeding cycle begins with a rise in testosterone levels, which causes the testicles to produce sperm and the penis to enlarge.


Sperm production continues for about 60 days until a fall in testosterone triggers the testicles to stop producing sperm.


The testes then shrink back down and become reabsorbed into the body (this process is known as recanalization).


This all happens because of hormone signals sent by hormones produced by your dog’s pituitary gland.


Once all this has happened, it may seem like things are over for your male dog.


But actually, after the mating season comes another opportunity: he will experience another surge of testosterone during each subsequent mating season for up to five years or so!



We have covered the things that can happen to a male dog after mating.


The most important thing is to bring him to a veterinarian if he shows signs of bleeding in his testes or has difficulty urinating, as these could be signs of serious health issues.


Takeaway: Hopefully, you now know what to expect from male dogs after mating.


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