Why Do Dobermans Get the Zoomies & Run Around Like Crazy?

Why Do Dobermans Get the Zoomies & Run Around Like Crazy

You are sitting peacefully on your couch while binge-watching your favorite series and eating your bag of chips when suddenly, your dog starts running around like crazy!

Your dog keeps running around the house – jumping on the couch, running from end to end, and sometimes, even barking at absolutely nothing!

Why does your dog love to run around the house?


Is it trying to catch a tiny insect?

Is it trying to run away from a small animal?

Or does your dog have a case of a frenetic random activity period?


Well, there are a variety of reasons for dog zoomies. Most of the time, your dog is just excited about something. But there are other reasons as well.


Before you start to panic and take your dog to the vet, this article will help you answer the question, “Why Do Dobermans Get the Zoomies & Run Around Like Crazy?”


As a pet owner, you may have already encountered this specific behavior countless times. Everything seems fine.

The room is calm and quiet. Then your dog starts running around like crazy!

This behavior is known as frenetic random activity period (FRAP) or what is most commonly called Zoomies.

You may be worried about why your dog just started running around like crazy, but actually, you should not worry about anything.


What are Zoomies?

dog with zoomies

Zoomies are one of the ways your dog can release its pent-up energy.

It usually happens out of nowhere – while watching TV, while sitting down and chilling, or even after eating or getting out of the bath!

This behavior is usually triggered when your dog starts to get excited. Sometimes, dogs get Zoomies when they watch other people or pets engage in playful behavior.

Although Zoomies happen almost instantaneously, there are some signs of a build-up period to a Zoomie.


For instance, when your dog starts leaping up and down a lot, when it wags its tail repeatedly, or when your dog starts bowing down to your multiple times.

Zoomies are healthy for dogs because this is their way of relieving stress which is probably why this typically happens after taking a bath because they are glad that it is finally over.

While zoomies is normal behavior for dogs, this may also be a sign that your dog needs to release their pent-up energies in other ways.

If your dog usually gets the Zoomies often, you can try to walk your dog or allot a playtime with them every day.



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How to handle Zoomies on Doberman?

If your Doberman starts acting like crazy at the wrong time (for instance, you have a visitor or you are in a conference call), then you must know how to calm your dog down to stop them from running around the house.

One thing you should never do is to chase after your Doberman.

Your dog might think that you are playing with him and may run around even more, which would make your efforts in trying to chase him go to waste.

What you must do instead is to call your dog’s name out loud and make them realize that you are not joking around.


Doing this would hopefully call your Dobermans’ attention and rouse them into obedience.

However, to indeed avoid phases like this, make sure to allow sufficient time for your dog every day so that they can release stress and their pent-up energy.

Play fetch with your dog or take them for a walk.

Not only are you giving your dog enough time and attention, but you are also keeping yourself active and healthy.

You are benefitting in two ways with just that single action.


Zoomies in puppies

zoomies in puppies

Zoomies are most common in puppies. It can even occur up to twice every day!

You should not be alarmed if Zoomies’ cases decrease as your puppy ages because this is a normal part of your dog’s road to maturity.

However, an old dog might have a Zoomie once it sees a puppy doing the same – just like a person who remembers his youth whenever they see children playing around.


Zoomies in other animals

Yes, other animals can have the case of Zoomies too! For instance, a cat can also have this frenetic experience.

It is also easier to initiate a Zoomie to a cat — all you have to do is dangle a piece of string to its face, which will do the trick.

Cats can also be induced into a Zoomie by watching kittens enter this phase — just like puppies how puppies can influence older dogs!


Key Takeaway

Zoomies is a normal behavior in dogs, and most of the time, it only lasts a few minutes — sometimes even less.

However, there are some cases when Zoomies last up to 10 minutes that only happen in rare instances.

Remember that there are a few reasons why Zoomies occur.

And it is best if you help your dog stay active daily to prevent Zoomies from happening in the most inconvenient times.


Sometimes, dogs also get too excited and run around like crazy when they see their favorite human — you.

So instead of scolding your dog or punishing them for running around the house like crazy, it would be best if you will give them enough time and attention instead.


Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is at its optimum health as a dog owner.

To your dog, you are not only their owner but their family. You may have other things going on in your life like work, business, or school, but you are the world to your dog.

What your dog needs is attention, time, and to enjoy playing.

And those are better spent with you. So go out today, take your dog for a walk, and make happy memories with them!


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