Why Do Dogs Dunk Their Heads in Water? (9 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Dunk Their Heads in Water

While some of our dog’s behaviors may be weird or baffling, they are often logical or even normal for our dogs.


For example, one of these behaviors includes dunking their heads in the water.


They do this because they are trying to get your attention, they are trying to stay cool on a hot sunny day, or maybe because your dog sees something in the water.


In today’s article, we will share nine reasons why your dog dunks his head on water.


1. Your Dog is Feeling Hot

dog dipping its head in water


One of the reasons your dog is dunking his head on water is that he is feeling hot, especially if the sun is at its peak.


What you can do to help cool your dog down is make sure that they are well-hydrated.


And if needed, let them come in an airconditioned room with you.


Remember that just like humans, dogs can suffer from heatstroke, too.


So make sure to keep a close eye out on your dog, especially during summer.


2. Your Dog Sees Something in The Water

Your dog may be dunking his head on water simply because he sees something in it.


  • If it is dunking its head on the pool, he may be seeing some leaves or something moving underneath.
  • If it is dipping its head on the river or at the beach, it may be catching some fishes or some stones.
  • Lastly, If he is dunking his head on his water bowl, he may be seeing an insect or a food crumb.


He may also be seeing the light’s glare on the water.


Ensure to check in on what your dog is seeing whenever he is starting to act like this.


3. Your Dog is Bored

The third reason is that your dog might be bored.


If your dog is holed up at home all day for the whole week, then chances are, he will find something to do.


This includes the mundane dipping of his head on water.


When this happens, you can provide your dog with activities that will stimulate his mind and provide him with some physical activities.


You can walk your dog, play frisbee with him in the park, play fetch, or leave him in doggy daycare if you are too busy to take him out with you.



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4. Your Dog Prefers Moving Water

Another reason is your dog may prefer moving water over still ones.


Your dog may be digging its head on the water bowl because he wants to see some movement.


What you can do is buy a pet water fountain that creates a fresh stream so that your dog will not have to make these waves on his own.


It would be less messy too.


5. Your Dog Wants Your Attention

Just like children, your dog may be doing some things to gain your attention, and one of these is dunking his head on water.


Either you will scold him for doing that or laugh at him, but regardless of your reaction, your dog still got what he wants — your attention.


When this occurs, it means you are not giving your dog enough time to be with you, and your dog may simply be doing this because he misses you.


So next time, try to be more understanding when you know that your dog wants your attention rather than scolding him for enjoying some of your love.


6. Your Dog is Exhibiting Compulsive Behavior

dog diving


In some cases, dunking his head in the water bowl may be a form of compulsive behavior.


If you think that this is the cause of your dog’s action, it would be best to check with a veterinarian who can help you deal with this kind of behavior.


7. Your Dog Wants to Play

Your dog may be dunking his head on water because he wants to play with you.


Again, if you have not been paying much attention to your dog lately or if you have not even taken him out for a walk, then maybe this is your dog trying to “protest”.


Telling you to give him a part of your attention and play with him even for just a short while.


8. Your Dog Wants to go Dipping

Your dog may be dunking his head on water because he wants to go for a swim.


If you think that this is the reason for your dog’s behavior, maybe you can take him for a dip on the beach or a nearby river.


Just make sure to keep a close eye on your dog because he might get carried away by the current to the deep parts of the water if left unattended.


If you cannot go out at the moment, you can set up a small pool for your dog using an inflatable kiddie pool or by setting up a small basin and filling it with water.


9. Your Dog Feels Something on His Head

Your dog might also be feeling something stuck at the top of his head.


Since he cannot see what it is, his remedy might be dunking his head on water.


If you see your dog doing this, approach him and see if something is stuck on his head, like a colossal ant or a small object.


Key Takeaway

There are plenty of causes why your dog would be dunking his head on water.


No matter what reason, make sure that you will always be paying attention to your dog to understand why he is acting in a certain way.


Also, do not forget to keep your dog hydrated, bathe it, and take him for a walk every day so that he will not get bored and do absurd things so that he can get your attention.


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