Why Does My Dog’s Bottom Lip Quiver?

Why Does My Dog’S Bottom Lip Quiver

You’re petting your dog and then you notice that his bottom lip is quivering.


What’s up with that? First of all, don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing for dogs to have quivering lips.


In fact, it could just mean he’s really enjoying himself.


If you’re like me and have been worrying about this for a while, I’m here to explain what’s going on with that wiggling lip.


Why does my dog’s bottom lip quiver?

The lip quiver is a sign of fear and nervousness.


It can also be a sign of excitement and happiness, but more often it’s a sign that your dog wants to go home or is uncomfortable with something going on around him.


One of them is that when a dog is stressed or anxious, its body may release adrenaline (a type of hormone) which makes its way to the muscles in your pup’s face and causes his lips to tremble.


Another theory suggests that it could be related to an infection in the salivary glands located in your pet’s mouth.



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What does it mean when my dog’s bottom lip quivers?

Mostly, it means that they are scared or nervous or unsure about something happening around them – whether it’s you trying out a new trick on him or if someone new enters your home unannounced!


As long as there isn’t anything seriously wrong with him (like he has been hit by another animal), then chances are good this behavior will pass quickly once whatever triggered it has passed as well.


How to stop my dog’s bottom-up lip from quivering?


If you see your dog’s bottom lip quivering, there are a few things you can do to help him feel better:


  • Try giving him some space and see if he calms down after a minute or two. If your dog loves having his belly rubbed, go ahead and rub it! That may be all he needs to calm down again.
  • If your pup is anxious about something specific in the room (the vacuum cleaner or another animal), try distracting him with treats or toys until the scary thing passes by.
  • A little bit of human contact might help as well; petting Fido gently on his head will likely make him feel better if it’s coming from you rather than someone else in the room!



Because your dog cannot talk, it is important to pay attention to the behavior patterns that indicate happiness and anxiety so you can understand how they are feeling.


But in most cases, lip quivering is nothing to worry about.


However, if you notice other signs of fear or agitation such as barking and growling or pacing in addition to a quivering lip, it may be time for a trip to the vet or dog trainer.


If you see that your pup has begun trembling around new objects or situations (such as going out for walks), try taking them out more often until they feel comfortable again!


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