Why Does My Puppy’s Leg Shake?

Puppy's leg is shaking

There’s nothing more adorable than a puppy. Many of us have watched them play, seen them jump and dance around with the energy of a toddler.


We may even notice this behavior in our own canine friends.


But what about those times when we are enjoying that adorableness, and suddenly their leg starts to shake?


Is it something to be concerned about or is it normal?


To answer that question, let’s look at some common reasons why your puppy’s leg is shaking.


Why does my puppy’s leg shake?

If you notice your puppy’s leg shaking, don’t worry—this is normal.


You may be concerned that it’s a sign of illness or disease, but this isn’t the case.


Puppy leg trembling is actually quite common and often happens as a result of excitement or stress. It can also occur when a puppy experiences pain in their legs.


If your puppy appears to be experiencing more trouble than usual with their leg shaking, however, take them to the veterinarian for further evaluation.


This might indicate that there are underlying medical problems with their joints or muscles that will need treatment before they become chronic issues later on in life


Why does my puppy’s leg shake when sitting?

Puppy sitting


If your puppy’s leg shakes when sitting, it might be normal or a sign that something else is going on.


This can include anything from fear and anxiety to hypoglycemia. Both types of tremors should be evaluated by an experienced veterinarian to ensure your dog gets the care he needs.


If you’re concerned about your puppy’s trembling leg, try to get him relaxed by petting him (with supervision), feeding him treats, or playing with him in a quiet room with low lighting—allowing time for the tremoring to pass before moving along to another activity.



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Some of the reasons why your puppy’s legs are shaking might be:


1. Fear and anxiety

Anxiety can also cause tremors and shaking. If your pup is experiencing fear or anxiety, they may shake as a way to try to calm themselves down.


For example, if you’re leaving the house with them, they may be anxious about being left alone and will start shaking as a result of their fear.


This is especially true if this behavior has been happening since they were young puppies—about 3 months old or so—and has become more frequent over time.


It’s important for pet owners to know how to recognize when their pets are feeling anxious so that they can help them calm down if needed!


2. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a condition that can be detrimental to puppies.


It can cause your puppy to tremble and become weak.


If you notice these symptoms in your puppy, take him or her to the vet immediately because it could be a serious problem.


If you notice any of the following signs when your puppy is shaking his leg:


  • He’s unable to stand on his own two feet
  • He’s trembling
  • His paws are cold and clammy


3. Dehydration

One of the most common reasons for a puppy’s leg shaking is dehydration.


If you’ve just adopted your new furry friend and are wondering why he or she is shaking, this may be why.


Dehydration can be caused by many things:


  • Not having access to water
  • Being sick
  • Being in too much heat or too little air conditioning at home
  • Having diarrhea or vomiting


4. Tremors in puppies

If your puppy is older than four months and shows signs of tremors, especially in the legs or tail, it’s important to see a vet right away.


Puppy tremors are not normal and should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.


Tremors in puppies can be caused by a variety of underlying health conditions, including neurological issues such as epilepsy (a seizure disorder).


This means that any time your puppy has trembling or seizures of any kind, you should visit the vet immediately to find out what’s causing them.



Puppies are adorable, but they can also be quite a lot of work. Puppy leg trembling might be normal, or it might be a sign of something more serious.


If your puppy is shaking and seems to be in pain, you should take him to the veterinarian right away.


Fortunately, a veterinarian will know what to do if there’s an underlying issue like hypoglycemia or dehydration causing the shakes.


Overall, it’s important for us as humans to care for our puppies so that we can provide them with long lives full of love and joy!


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