Why Won’t My Dog Sleep in its Crate Anymore?

Why Won’t My Dog Sleep in its Crate Anymore

If you’ve been training your dog and it’s been going well, it might come as a surprise to suddenly find your dog refusing to go into its crate.


For many dogs, the crate is a safe haven where they can sleep away the day or snuggle up for the night.


However, if your dog has gotten used to having free access to you and your home, putting her back in her crate might feel like a punishment.


The good news is that there are lots of tricks you can try to get your pet used to sleeping in its crate again!


This article gives reasons why your dog won’t sleep in its crate and the best place for it to sleep.


Why won’t my dog sleep in its crate anymore?

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Dogs are social animals and they like to sleep with their pack. This means that if you have a dog, your bed might be off-limits to them.


If you sleep in the same room as your dog, he or she will want to join you in bed for snuggles at night.


However, if he does not have access to the bedroom or cannot get up on the bed for some reason such as having arthritis, then he might not be used to sleeping without his human companion nearby or feel anxious about being alone.


If your pup has been sleeping in his crate during the day when no one is home and now won’t settle down in it at night either, it’s possible that something has changed since last night’s break-in attempt which triggered his separation anxiety but didn’t result in any actual harm coming his way or yours.


That would explain why he won’t sit still long enough for people trying out different techniques on him right now—he’s just too excited by what happened earlier today!



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What is the best place for a dog to sleep in?

The best place for your dog to sleep is its crate. If your dog has a good relationship with its crate, it will be comfortable going back into his or her den at night and will feel safe there.


If you’re still not convinced that crating is the way to go, remember this: dogs aren’t allowed in hotels because they are considered too much of a liability.


However, you can take your dog along with you just about anywhere else! If your pup knows how to adapt to new environments and can handle being away from home for short periods of time on outings such as walks or car rides—without becoming destructive—then he or she likely won’t have any problems sleeping in the room with you.



We’re sure you love your dog, but it’s important to remember that there are some situations where letting your dog sleep in your bed might not be such a good idea.


It might help to think about what kind of sleep environment you want for yourself and then consider the rest of this article as a helpful guide for making the best choice possible.


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