Why Is My Dog Addicted To Greenies?

Why Is My Dog Addicted To Greenies

If you are a dog owner, you have heard of Greenies; they are the dog treats that help with your dog’s dentals and also administering medicines.


But on using it, once it transitions to a treat and there are varying outcomes.


Lots of owners admit their dogs love the treats; they love it so much they wait at the exact same time daily.


They get aggressive waiting for it, displaying strange behaviors.


It can be said some dogs get addicted to it but what makes it so addictive?


Why are Greenies so Addictive?

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It is claimed Greenies are all-natural but no one can deny they do what they are supposed to.


Eliminating doggie’s bad breath and cleaning teeth while providing a treat.


While this is so, no one can point out what in the Greenies treats makes dogs have the most bizarre addictive behavior.


However, there has been lots of controversy surrounding Greenies with lots of side effects and even deaths linked to the treats.


1. Dissolvability of the treats

One of the main things is the dissolvability of the treats.


There are a lot of old complaints around this that point to Greenies causing intestinal obstructions.


Which led to warnings on the packaging for the owner to make sure their dog chews the greenie thoroughly before swallowing.


But continued complaints led the company to use a new formulation for their treats to reassure dog owners of the increased dissolution ability.



2. Side effects

There is evidence of the ability of the treat to dissolve in digestive acid.


But there are still problems attached to the treat itself with numerous side effects that are hard not to be linked.


Now the treats are available in many sizes to reduce choking hazards and blockages, many flavors, and dietary options.


But there are lots of side effects dog owners still complain about asides from addiction.



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Known Side Effects

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Lack of appetite
  3. Frequent vomiting
  4. Lethargy
  5. Blood in vomit and poo
  6. Incontinence
  7. Drooling
  8. Weight gain


If you go online and read all these reviews you may think the complaints are all piled on, with dogs getting too many treats at once.


But a few verified complainants who give the recommended or even below the recommended number of treats have suffered some ailment linked to the treat.


Despite all this the company still exists, treats are still being sold, there are as many positive reviews as there are negative.


It would be your choice to give your dog this treat, monitor their reaction closely, and decide if it is worth it.


There are other competitively priced treats that can do the same job on the market.



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