Will My Dog Eat My Guinea Pig? (Get Along Guide)

Will My Dog Eat My Guinea Pig

Dogs are renowned for their pleasant, friendly, and loyal nature.


Dogs make excellent pets and can often live in harmony with each other and even with cats.


The question is, are dogs also able to live with other types of animals?


Dogs seem to have interacted with and lived with other animals, including guinea pigs.


Some owners train their dogs to hunt rodents. They may see a guinea pig as a rodent. Some of these breeds include terriers, including Airedale Terrier’s and Jack Russells, hound-type breeds such as Beagles.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that your dog will necessarily hurt your guinea pig. With training and time, your dog can learn to accept it as part of the family.


Guinea pigs are small rodents that children love to have as pets.


This means that dogs and guinea pigs are found in many homes.


Is it okay to allow the two animals to live together? We will find out in this article.



A History of Dogs That Lived With Guinea Pigs

dog and guinea pig together

Dogs have been used for various purposes throughout history.


Many small dogs have been taught to hunt small rodents.


This implies that your dog may be tempted to chase the guinea pig you just brought home.


However, your dog will not necessarily harm your guinea pig.


It just means you need to make the right introductions and teach your dog how to relate to your guinea pig.


The fact is that these two pets can live together peacefully. For many pet owners, the biggest hurdle is getting the animals to know each other.


Most people will notice the first time that guinea pigs are afraid of the dog.


You may also observe that your dog is always alert and ready to pounce on the guinea pig.


This will require that you take precautions to prevent your dog from attacking your guinea pig.


Signs That a Dog Is Uncomfortable Around A Guinea Pig


1. Vigilant and Restless

If your dog is not at ease with your guinea pig, then this is a really bad sign.


As for the feeling of uneasiness, you can easily tell when this is happening.


Your dog will drop his ears back and will be stressed constantly.


Back positioning of the ears often means that your dog is relaxed, but most of the time, it can also mean that he is in a state of anxiety or fear.


2. Looking and Chasing

If your dog is constantly staring or chasing your guinea pig, this is a clear indication that your dog is having trouble living with your guinea pig.


When being chased, there is a possibility that the guinea pig will become scared, or the dog will trample on it and kill it.


3. Growling

To growl is a sure sign that your dog is uncomfortable, angry, or ready for an attack.


Think about what happens when you touch a dog while he is eating.


It will start to growl, which means you should not disturb, and if you do, the dog will usually attempt to bite you.




How to Keep a Guinea Pig Safe from A Dog?

dog staring at a guinea pig

Your guinea pig should always have a space of its own.

The best way to achieve this is to purchase a comfortable guinea pig cage for your pig to feel relaxed and sleep well.

Your dog should also have its confined space! Assume you have your dog and guinea pig in the house.

You can put the guinea pig in a cage while the dog can be allowed to roam around the house.


Depending on your dog’s behavior, you may want to keep both animals in confinement.

If your dog is hyperactive, it may scare your guinea pig or bump into its cage and create chaos inside.

Otherwise, the dog can be released while the guinea pig is in the cage.


When the dog is in its cage, you can release your guinea pig. This should be done in the early stages of bonding and relationship.

When you see that your dog is having a good time with your guinea pig and vice versa, you can go ahead and bring out both animals.


Please note that you should supervise both animals while they are together.

You should always be there when they are playing.

Watch closely if your dog is misbehaving, and if he does, separate the animals or correct the behavior.

Even the slightest action can sometimes imply your dog is ready to attack, so be vigilant.


Signs That A Dog May Live With Guinea Pigs

There are lots of signs that your dog can live in harmony with all the different types of animals.


For instance, when dogs were first domesticated, a lot of them were trained to raise and care for cattle and sheep.


However, some other dogs have been trained to catch small rodents to keep them out of barns and homes.


This means that many dogs have a natural inclination to hunt small animals such as guinea pigs.


Fortunately, despite their hunting instincts, many dogs are perfected to live peacefully with guinea pigs.


You want to make sure you exercise caution and teach your dog to interact with your guinea pig the way you want.


This will require a bit of training, but most homeowners do not experience any problems.


However, if your dog is aggressive, it is best not to introduce both animals.


Rather, keep the guinea pig in a room separate from your dog at all times.


Final Thoughts

If the dog is not aggressive, dogs and guinea pigs can leave peacefully.

Even when your dog is not aggressive, it may happen that he does not like your guinea pig.

It is therefore imperative to carefully monitor how your dog reacts to your guinea pig.


If your dog is calm and is friendly towards your guinea pig, you can keep both of them in the same spot.


However, to reduce the risk of a possible attack on your guinea pig, pay constant attention to your pets while they are together.

Dogs can easily harm a guinea pig, even if not deliberately.


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