Are Mystery Snail Eggs Supposed To Be Hard?

Are Mystery Snail Eggs Supposed To Be Hard?

Mystery snails are an increasingly popular type of freshwater tank inhabitant.


While they look like any other snail, these snails are a bit different in one very important way: their eggs.


Mystery snail eggs are hard and look almost like tiny pieces of rock scattered about the tank.


So the question is, are mystery snail eggs supposed to be hard? Let’s find out!


What Causes Mystery Snail Eggs To Be Hard?

The answer is most likely due to a lack of humidity.


A lack of humidity can cause the eggs to dry out, leading them to become brittle and hard.


Another possible cause is over-fertilization.


If the water in your tank contains too many nutrients, then this could also lead to hard snail eggs.


How Can I Soften Up Hard Mystery Snail Eggs?


If you notice that your mystery snail eggs are hard, then the first step is to check the humidity level in your tank.


You want it to be at least 85% or higher for optimal egg health.


If it’s lower than this, then there are several things you can do to increase the humidity in your tank.


One option is to add a humidifier to your tank – this will help keep the air moist and help prevent the eggs from drying out.


Alternatively, you can also mist the tank with a spray bottle on a regular basis – this will help create a moist environment and help keep the eggs from becoming too dry and hard.


If the issue seems to be due to over-fertilization, then it’s important that you reduce the amount of fertilizer that you’re using in your tank.


You also want to ensure that you maintain good water quality by doing regular water changes and using an appropriate filtration system.



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Are Mystery Snail Eggs Supposed To Float Or Sink?

Whether a mystery snail egg will float or sink depends largely on its calcium content and the amount of time that has passed since the egg was laid.


Generally speaking, the more calcium an egg contains, the denser it will be and therefore more likely to sink to the bottom of the tank.


Freshly laid mystery snail eggs tend to be more buoyant and often stay afloat until they have been exposed to enough water and oxygen for them to start developing.


What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Mystery Snail Eggs?

Unfortunately, not all mystery snail eggs turn out as they should.


In some cases, they may be damaged by rough handling or improper care and this can lead to a variety of problems such as off-colored shells, soft or brittle shells, or eggs that simply don’t hatch.


In any case, if you suspect that your mystery snail eggs might not be developing properly it’s best to take them out of the tank and dispose of them.


How Can You Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertilized?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether your mystery snail eggs are fertilized or not just by looking at them.


If you want to find out for certain, you can carefully pick up the eggs with tweezers or a pair of gloves and take a peek inside with a magnifying glass or microscope.


Fertilized mystery snail eggs will have a white mass at their center while unfertilized ones will remain empty.



In conclusion, no, mystery snail eggs should not be hard! If you notice that yours are rock-hard, then this is likely due to a lack of humidity or over-fertilization.


To fix this issue, check the humidity levels in your tank and make sure that it’s at least 85%.


Additionally, reduce any unnecessary fertilizer that you’re using and check your water quality.


With these steps, you should see an improvement in the health of your mystery snail eggs!


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