Are Mystery Snails Good Algae Eaters?

Are Mystery Snails Good Algae Eaters

If you’ve got an annoying algae problem in your aquarium, you’ve probably considered adding a few bottom-dwelling fish, like plecos, as part of your cleanup crew.


But what about mystery snails? Are mystery snails good algae eaters?


It’s a question many fish keepers ask, and it’s one we will answer in this article.


What Are Mystery Snails?

A mystery snail is an algae-eating freshwater snail that belongs to the family Ampullariidae.


It’s also known as an apple snail, golden mystery snail, or ivory mystery snail due to its shell markings.


There are several color variations available, including brown, gold, black, and even blue.


What Do Mystery Snails Eat?

Mystery snails are omnivores, meaning they’ll eat just about anything.


Depending on the type of algae present in your tank, they’ll consume soft green and brown types.


They’ll also consume other types of food – such as fresh vegetables, flakes, pellets, and wafers – that you provide for them.



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Will Mystery Snails Get Rid of Algae in My Aquarium?


The answer to this question depends on how severe your algae problem is.


If you only have an occasional outbreak of soft green or brown algae and you want to limit your use of chemical treatments, then adding a few mystery snails could be a good solution.


They’ll help keep the algae in check by consuming it on a regular basis.


However, if you have a serious algae problem or a particularly stubborn type of algae (such as black beard or string algae), then unfortunately mystery snails aren’t likely to do much for you.


In these cases, you may need additional measures such as chemical treatments or UV sterilizers to get rid of the algae.


Do Mystery Snails Breed Easily in an Aquarium?

Yes and no. While mystery snails can reproduce quickly in an aquarium environment, they won’t necessarily take over your tank if conditions are unfavorable.


That said, if you want to keep their numbers in check, we recommend providing them with ample hiding places and areas with plenty of vegetation.


By doing this, they won’t feel crammed together and won’t feel the need to reproduce as much.


Do Mystery Snails Require Any Special Care?

Mystery snails are quite hardy and don’t require too much special care.


The most important thing is to provide them with food and water of the right quality and temperature in order for them to thrive.


You should also make sure that there are no sharp objects inside the tank that could hurt them when they come out to feed.



In conclusion, mystery snails can certainly help reduce the amount of soft green or brown algae in an aquarium but are less effective against tougher types of algae such as black beard or string algae.


They also don’t require much special care and won’t take over your tank if given enough hiding places and vegetation.


All things considered, they make a great addition to any clean-up crew!


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