Can Crested Geckos Live Together? (In Pairs or In Groups)

Can Crested Geckos Live Together

If you are considering owning a pet, a crested gecko could be your best choice. They are one of the most popular pet reptiles.


They are easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, which makes them perfect for beginners.


Most crested geckos are very friendly, docile, and easy to handle. Their unique appearance and nocturnal habits make them a fascinating addition to your home!


They have large eyes that do not close completely and a prehensile tail that can grab onto objects like trees in their natural habitat.


Crested geckos come in many different colors too!


Can you house crested geckos together?

You can house crested geckos together, but you need to do it correctly. They are semi-social and should be kept in pairs or groups of three or more of their own species.


Although crested geckos don’t usually fight with each other, they can injure themselves in simple accidents such as falling from a high place.


If you have more than one gecko, they will have company while you’re away at work or school. This will keep them happy and engaged during the day when left alone.


Crested geckos can be housed with other species of geckos as well, but only if the enclosure is larger than usual (the enclosure size guideline for every additional animal is an extra 10 gallons).


You must also make sure that the humidity level is appropriate for all the species living together.


Some gecko species require higher humidity levels than others, so make sure to research this before mixing them up together!


How many crested geckos can live together?

two crested geckos


You can keep an adult male and female gecko together in the same enclosure if you want them to mate. But, after mating, you need to separate them so that they don’t fight.


As for how many crested geckos you can keep together, generally, it’s best to keep a single gecko per enclosure.


Crested geckos are territorial. When they’re fighting over territory, they may get injured and even killed by other geckos.


The best way to prevent this is by keeping only one male or female in each tank.


When your cresties are young (hatchlings up to one year old), though, it’s okay for them to be housed together as long as no one seems stressed out or aggressive towards the others.


Once your crested geckos have started maturing into subadults at around 1-2 years of age, though, it’s time to start separating them into their own enclosures because they’ll soon reach sexual maturity and start fighting with each other over territory or a mate.



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Can a male and female crested gecko live together?

Yes, you can keep multiple crested geckos in the same enclosure. In fact, it’s preferable to keep at least two adult crested geckos together if you want them to breed.


They will often cohabitate well as long as they are either both female or both male.


However, it’s not recommended that you house more than one adult male crested gecko together because they will become territorial and aggressive towards each other.


If you do want to keep multiple female cresties in the same enclosure, make sure there are plenty of places for them to hide so that they can get away from each other when necessary.


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