Why Do Dogs Grab Things When Excited? (9 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Grab Things When Excited

Some dogs love to have fun.


When guests arrive at the door, these dogs become enchanted hostesses, rushing to greet their visitors with something or anything they find to grab and put in their mouths.


What is behind this funny behavior?


There are some reasons why your dog might do this. Some are that they grab things to give as a gift, seek attention, or show us that they are happy.

Some dogs are very excited to see a visitor because it might represent a new person who will play with them, so the dog grabs a toy in an attempt to entice the person to play.


This is a short answer, but it certainly not all of the reasons.


In this article, we shall learn more about what this behavior means and what to do about it.


Reasons Why Dogs Grab Things


1. It Means They Are Happy

dog carrying a stick


Dogs can grab things when excited as a way to show that they are happy and excited.


They also do this either because they want to play or try to make you happy.


Sometimes they grab things because that they are trying to share them with you or that they are showing off their toys.


2. It Is Their Natural Hunting Instinct

Dogs can also bring you their favorite toy as prey.


This may be a manifestation of your dog’s old instinct to bring the kills back to their base of operations, where hungry puppies wait and where the alpha waits to approve.


If your dog is a retriever, this behavior has been reinforced in its genealogy and breeding.


3. They Are Greeting You

After a long, hard, and exhausting workday, dogs are always excited and happy to see us, and there are many ways they can welcome you.


One of them is by grabbing their toys and showing it to you.


It’s like bringing you a gift.



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4. They Are Showing Off Their Toys

One possible reason for grabbing things when excited is that they are showing off their toy.


Like children, dogs also get very excited about new toys, so they will show off their toys to you or your guests.


They can also do this with old games they have just found.


You know how kids got bored with a game for months and then suddenly fell in love with the same toy again and started playing with it and playing it again for no apparent reason?


Dogs can grab an old toy and find it exciting all over again.


5. They Want to Play with You

It’s also very possible that the gesture is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s a show of play.


When you’re away, it seems like you’ve gone for what seems like forever for your dog.


He wants to spend quality time with you.


Greeting you with his game is his way of telling you that he wants to play with you.


Some dogs are very excited to see a visitor because it may represent a new person they will play with, so the dog grabs a toy to entice the person to play, either by pulling or throwing the object.


6. An Act of Submission

dog holding a gift


Additionally, dogs have an instinct to give their leaders gifts such as food and comforting items.


Just as a farmer might bring a chicken to the king of his land, your dog will bring you a toy that he thinks will make you happy and proud.


You may not need your dog’s version of award-winning chicken, which can be very gummy, but your dog does.


7. He Wants to Make You Happy

Part of the reason your dog grabs things in his mouth is that he wants to make you happy.


If you seem satisfied with the show, the dog will take it as a sign that you want him to do it again.


This is especially if you praise him by rubbing his ear, rubbing his stomach, or doing something else he loves.


This makes him feel good and will make him want to bring a toy back to you for the sheer fun of the attention he will get in return.


8. A Welcoming Distraction

It may be a behavior that their owners have taught their dogs, as something more appropriate to do rather than jump at people or bark.


Some owners realize that their dogs may appear worried or anxious.


But if they make the dog grab their toys and play with it, they seem less anxious about new visitors to the home.


Some dogs can naturally grab a toy for themselves and either asking to play or get busy with something else.


9. They Are Letting Go of Their Extra Energy

All dogs need daily exercise to stay active and healthy and inactive breeds like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors need daily activity to release their energy.


If they don’t exercise daily, they will start behaving abnormally, such as :

  • Chewing their furniture
  • Running hysterically around the house
  • Displaying destructive behavior


They can even become aggressive.


It is not only about what they will do after grabbing things, but also what will happen to them.


A lack of exercise can cause:

  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Aggression
  • In extreme cases, depression


If they’re not getting enough exercise, they can release their pent-up energy by gabbing things and playing with their toys.


And if they’re doing it out of boredom or lack of activity, you should play with your dog for at least thirty minutes daily in addition to taking a walk.



Dogs do many interesting and confusing things.


Chances are, grabbing things when excited is one of them.


If his enthusiasm does not pose a danger to himself or others, there is no need to worry.


Feel free to take a video and show it to your friends or post it on social media.


Most of all, smile and give your pet the love she deserves for being so adorable.


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