How To Tell If A Gecko Is Male Or Female?  – A Handy Guide

How To Tell If A Gecko Is Male Or Female

Geckos are part of the lizard family. These reptiles are great pets to keep as they are clean, nocturnal, and can be housed in small enclosures.


When you bring home a new gecko, you need to check for its sex. A female gecko can lay about 30 eggs in one go, which is why it’s best to have just one.


Check out this guide to learn how to tell if your gecko is male or female.


How to tell the gender of a leopard gecko?

The first thing you should do is to look at the vent area. The opening for the female’s rear end is in the center of her body.


It will have a little slit that opens and closes as she walks or moves around. It is also larger than the male’s opening, which looks more like a hole.


The next step is to look at their tails. Male leopard geckos have tails that are longer than those of females and they have a single row of scales on each side of their tail.


Females also have one row of scales on either side of their tail, but theirs are much smaller than those of males.


Finally, if you want to know whether your gecko is male or female, take a look at his eyes. If he has two rows of eyelids like ours do, then he must be male because only females have this trait!



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How to differentiate between male and female geckos?

two geckos


There are some differences between male and female geckos, but these are not always obvious.


In fact, it is often difficult to tell if a gecko is male or female just by looking at them.


The most important thing to remember is that the sex of a gecko can only be determined once they have reached sexual maturity.


So what does a male Gecko look like?

Male Geckos tend to be larger than females and have longer tails. They also have more prominent crests on their heads and bodies, which can make them appear more aggressive than females.


Males also tend to have brighter colors than their female counterparts (although this is not always the case).


What does a female Gecko look like?

The female gecko has a much larger body as compared to the male. The females also have a long tail, whereas the males have short tails.


This is because of the fact that the females carry their eggs inside them and therefore, they require more space for this purpose.


The female also has a bulge on their stomach area, which is referred to as “vent”.


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