Handling a Leopard Gecko (5 Tips)

Handling a Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are incredibly fun to own but they can also be demanding. A leopard gecko is a type of lizard that can grow up to about 7.5 inches long.


They’re arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time in trees.


They’re also nocturnal, meaning they spend most of the day hiding, and they’re a highly social species.


In other words, leopard geckos are no joke. These lizards are very intelligent and need a lot of care and attention.


Here’s how to handle a leopard gecko and how to handle a leopard gecko as a pet.


When should I start handling my leopard gecko?

leopard gecko


When your leopard gecko seems calm and relaxed, you can start handling him/her.


It’s important that he/she becomes accustomed to your smell and touch before you pick him/her up.


Place one hand on top of his/her back as she is lying on her substrate for 5-10 minutes at a time every couple of days (you don’t want to over-handle them).


This simple process allows your Leo plenty of time to get used to being touched by humans without being too overwhelming for either party involved!


How long does it take for a leopard gecko to get used to its new home?

It usually takes about a day or two for a leopard gecko to feel comfortable in its new environment, but some of the more timid geckos can take up to 7-10 days.


You should allow your new pet time to settle before handling them or disturbing them in any way.


All you have to do is wait it out! Since your leopard gecko is going to be feeling very anxious and disoriented during this time, anything you can do to make them feel comfortable will help.


For example, keeping the lights off in their tank and not moving or playing loud music near the terrarium will help them settle down much faster.



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Tips on how to handle a leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are not the most cuddly of pets, but they do make great companions for those who want something different.


They are easy to care for and will make your home feel like a tropical paradise.


If you are new to owning a leopard gecko, here are some tips on how to handle them:


Introduced to a new habitat.

Wait for at least two weeks after bringing your leopard gecko home before attempting to handle them.


Wait for the leopard gecko to get used to you.

Once your leopard gecko is comfortable in its new home, allow it some time to adjust to your presence without handling it.


Try sitting close and talking softly while they are eating or sleeping so they learn that you are not a threat.


Be calm and confident when handling your leopard gecko.

Place one hand behind the head, supporting the skull and nape of the neck with all fingers, but do not hold onto the tail as this will put pressure on their spine and may lead to paralysis or death in extreme cases!


The other hand should support their belly from underneath so there’s no risk of falling out of control once lifted off ground level.


Use both hands together simultaneously if possible! Wait until your leopard gecko is adjusted to its new environment.


Depending on how the gecko was transported, it may become stressed when being held.


Start by touching its tail gently at first so it doesn’t jump away from you when you reach out for it later on.

Gradually increase the amount of time that you spend touching its tail until it becomes comfortable enough with your touch that it won’t flinch when you reach out for its body later on.


Once your pet gets used to being touched gently on its tail, start moving up towards its head slowly so it gets used to this sensation as well.


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