Leopard Gecko Pale But Not Shedding – Reasons Why

Leopard Gecko Pale But Not Shedding

Leopard geckos are one of the most popular pet lizards today.


Although, there are a lot of people who fail to properly take care of them because they aren’t aware of the right nutrition and behavior that these lizards need in order to live healthily and grow properly.


There are a lot of cases where leopard geckos become pale and begin to shed which leads most owners to believe that there is something wrong with their pets.


However, if you keep reading, you’ll know what it takes in order for them to look healthy as well as shed properly.


Why is my leopard gecko pale but not shedding?

pale leopard gecko


Leopard geckos are known for their ability to change color and pattern, but it’s not often that they actually do so.


The most common causes of a pale Leopard Gecko are:



Stress is one of the most common causes of a sick Leopard Gecko.


It can be caused by many things, including a new home or changes in the temperature in your home.


Decrease in Temperature

A decrease in temperature will cause a Leopard Gecko to become pale because it’s trying to avoid overheating.


In the wild, Leopard Geckos are found in areas with warm temperatures year-round.


When you bring a Leopard Gecko into your home, it’s important to keep its environment at an appropriate temperature for its species.



One thing that could be happening is that your leopard gecko has mites. Mites are tiny bugs that live on animals and feed off them.


When they feed off an animal, they inject their saliva into the skin of the animal and this causes irritation and itching in most cases.


If you notice red bumps around your leopard gecko’s eyes or mouth or if their scales start turning red around these areas then this could be a sign of mites.



If your Leopard Gecko is pale and lethargic with no appetite or diarrhea, then it is possible that he or she may be ill with something like parasites or salmonella.


If this is the case, then you should take your pet to the vet immediately as these things are highly contagious and can spread very quickly throughout an entire collection of reptiles.



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Should I be worried if my leopard Gecko is pale?

Yes, you should be worried. Leopard geckos are very prone to infection and disease.


It is important that you keep a close eye on your Leos to make sure they are healthy.


If your leopard gecko looks pale and has lost weight, it could be very sick.


The reason it is so pale is that it is not getting enough nutrients from its food. This could be due to an infection or even a parasite such as intestinal worms.


If your leopard gecko has been eating well and has not lost any weight, then it is probably just anemia or internal parasites that need treatment with a wormer (worm medicine).


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