Things To Know About Pearl Ball Pythons

Things To Know About Pearl Ball Pythons

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Pearl ball pythons are a small, colorful snake species that grow to only about 3 feet in length.


They are relatively easy to care for, but they have some special needs that aren’t always obvious to the novice snake owner.


Here are some things you should know before buying your first pearl ball python.


Some Characteristics of Pearl Ball Pythons


They’re very small

Pearl ball pythons may be named after their large size, but it’s not actually true.


They’re small snakes and can fit into the palm of your hand when fully grown.


If you’re used to handling larger snakes like corn snakes and kingsnakes, pearl balls will feel tiny in comparison.


They’re shy

Because of their small size and shy nature, many people who buy them as pets end up returning them because they don’t realize how challenging it is to care for a pet that doesn’t want to be handled or interacted with much at all.


This can be especially difficult if you’ve had experience with other snakes before getting one of these guys because they’re so different from other species.


They need heat

Since they are from sub-Saharan Africa, pearl balls do best when kept warm at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit during their active seasons (spring through fall).


What to know about black pearl ball pythons

black pearl ball python


Black pearl ball python, also known as Huffman Black Pastel is a small species of python that was first discovered in Africa.


The snake can be found in both eastern and western Africa, with some being found as far north as Egypt.


These snakes are often found near water sources such as rivers or lakes and feed on small mammals, birds, and other reptiles.


Black pearl ball pythons are not an aggressive species, but they do have a tendency to be nervous around new people or unfamiliar situations.


They are also very shy and will hide if they feel threatened by someone or something outside their enclosure.


Ball pythons will do best when kept in a large enclosure with plenty of hiding places for them to feel safe when they want to be alone, as well as an area where they can get out into the open and explore.


If you keep your ball python inside your home, it’s important that you have a large cage set up for them so they can get plenty of exercise and still feel comfortable enough to move around freely without feeling overwhelmed by space constraints.



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Things to know about soulsucker pearl ball pythons

soulsucker pearl ball python


Soulsucker pearl ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes. These snakes have a mild temperament, and they’re easy to care for.


Before you bring home your new pet snake, here are some things to know about them:


They love to climb. Soulsucker pearl ball pythons love to climb, so it’s important to provide something for them to climb on.


They can be kept in large or small cages but should be able to climb up and down walls easily.


They’re good eaters. Soulsucker pearl ball pythons eat mice, rats and rabbits as babies and adults.


They will also eat frozen/thawed rodents, which makes it easier for owners because they don’t have to thaw the food before giving it to their snakes.


They are nocturnal. Soulsucker pearl ball pythons are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day and become active at night when there’s less light and more humidity in the air (which is better for shedding!).


They like humidity! Like all reptiles, soulsucker pearl ball pythons need high humidity levels in their cage (at least 60 percent) so their skin retains moisture for proper shedding.


Things you should know about Cinnamon black pearl pied ball pythons

Cinnamon black pearl pied ball pythons


If you’re looking for a unique snake, the cinnamon black pearl pied ball python is a great choice.


These snakes are quite rare and beautiful, with their pinkish-red colouring and patterning on their skin.


But even though they look exotic, they are actually quite easy to care for and breed.


They are also very popular among breeders because of their low levels of aggression and high levels of fertility.


So what makes this snake so special? First off, it’s a cross between two different mutations: the black phase (sometimes called melanistic) mutation and the pied phase or piebald mutation.


When these two types of snakes mate with each other they can produce offspring that have both types of colouration—which means that if you get one as a pet it may change its appearance over time!


That’s not all though: breeding your own cinnamon black pearl pied ball pythons will help ensure that there will always be more available for sale in pet stores so everyone can own one without going broke first!


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