Why Do Ball Pythons Hiss?

Why Do Ball Pythons Hiss

Snakes hiss because it’s how they communicate. There really isn’t any other reason.


Snakes are cold-blooded, and to conserve energy, they don’t move around much, so they use hissing as a way to communicate with each other or other animals.


About Ball Python

Ball pythons are among the most popular pet snakes due to their small size, docile nature, and relatively long lifespan.


Ball pythons typically grow to be about 4 feet long, although some can reach lengths of more than 6 feet. The average ball python weighs about 8 ounces when it’s fully grown.

The ball python is native to West Africa, where it lives in forests and savannas.


In captivity, they need a terrarium with plenty of hiding places and an appropriate temperature gradient — hot on one end, cool on the other — that mimics their native habitat as closely as possible.

Ball pythons will hiss when they feel threatened, but they aren’t aggressive snakes by nature.


They rarely bite, even when handled roughly by novice owners who don’t know how to handle them properly.

If you’ve ever been around a ball python that hissed at you then you know how loud it can be!


Why is my ball python hissing at me?

ball python hiss


Hissing is a form of communication for ball pythons.


When they hiss, they are telling you that they are uncomfortable or afraid.


If your ball python is hissing at you, here are a few reasons why.


They feel threatened

Ball pythons can be skittish at times and may hiss if they feel threatened.


This is their way of warning you that they are scared and need some space.


It does not mean that they are aggressive or mean, but rather that they’re trying to tell you that you’re too close for comfort.


Your Ball Python Is Hungry

This is one of the most common causes of aggression in ball pythons and other snakes as well.


If your snake is hungry, it may become defensive or even aggressive because they want food. Make sure that you feed them daily!


Your Ball Python Is Sick

If your snake has a health issue such as mites or respiratory infection (RD), it will also be more defensive than usual.


If your ball python hisses at you when you are feeding it or cleaning its cage, this means that it does not like what you are doing or where you are doing it at that moment in time.


For example, if your ball python hisses at you when you are feeding him but stops when someone else feeds him then this could mean that he prefers another person.



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Do ball python hiss or wheeze?

Ball python hiss, but they do not wheeze.

When they feel threatened or cornered by another animal – such as another snake or a human.


They are also known to hiss when they smell food being prepared (this can be prevented by feeding them in an area away from where you prepare their meals).


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