Which Mystery Snails Eat Plants?

Which Mystery Snails Eat Plants?

When it comes to freshwater aquariums, one of the most popular snail species around is the Mystery Snail.


Commonly referred to as the Apple Snail, this species has been a staple in aquariums for many years and can be found in just about any pet store that sells fish.


But before you decide to add Mystery Snails to your tank, it’s important to know whether or not they actually eat plants. This article explains it all!


Which Mystery Snails Eat Plants?

When it comes to Mystery Snails, the answer is both yes and no.


While some varieties will nibble on soft-leafed plants like anacharis or java ferns, the vast majority of Mystery Snails are considered herbivorous (or plant-eating).


That said, some species may occasionally eat fleshy roots or small bits of plant tissue from time to time.


What Do Mystery Snails Usually Eat?

In general, Mystery Snails will eat a variety of algae and decaying matter.


They are particularly fond of green algae and other soft-bodied organisms like diatoms.


They also feed on leftover fish food and detritus that builds up on the bottom of the tank.


Basically, if you have a thriving population of algae in your tank, your Mystery Snails will do a great job at keeping it under control and out of sight.


Can mystery snails live without plants?


Yes – while they do enjoy nibbling on some soft-leafed plants from time to time, they really do not need live plants to survive.


In fact, many aquarists will keep their tanks completely devoid of live plants and instead focus on creating an environment with plenty of hiding places, decor items, and supplemental oxygenation devices like air stones.


So long as you provide your Mystery Snail with other sources of food (like algae wafers) he will be perfectly happy living a plant-free lifestyle.



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Do mystery snails need additional food?

Yes – while your Mystery Snail may feast on algae and other organic matter present in your tank, it’s still important to offer supplemental food from time to time.


A quality snail food pellet or wafer is a great way to provide your snail with additional nutrients not found in his natural diet.


Keep an eye out for added vitamins or supplements since these can help boost the overall health of your snail.


Do mystery snails require special care?

No – one of the best things about Mystery Snails is their relative ease of care compared to other freshwater fish species.


Just make sure you keep the water quality within appropriate levels (Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: <30ppm) and perform regular water changes as needed (typically once every two weeks).


If you follow these basic guidelines, your Mystery Snail should do just fine!


Are mystery snails good for tanks?

Definitely! Mystery Snails have been a staple of freshwater aquariums for years thanks to their low maintenance care requirements and natural ability to help keep tanks clean. Plus, their colorful shells make them great additions to any tank setup!



In conclusion, it is clear that Mystery Snails are not strict herbivores, and they can in fact eat plants.


They will not consume enough to cause serious harm to aquatic plant life, but they may nibble on certain plants if their dietary needs are not met.


To ensure that your Mystery Snails stay healthy and have all of their nutritional needs met, it is best to feed them a variety of food sources including commercially available snail food, fresh vegetables, and shrimp pellets.


For successful maintenance of an aquarium with Mystery Snails, proper care must be taken to ensure their dietary requirements are fulfilled.


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