What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With?

What Do Bearded Dragons Like To Play With

It can be hard to know exactly what bearded dragons like to play with, as their personalities are just as varied as the colors and morphs they come in.


The following is a list of ideas that can help you get started on finding toys your bearded dragon will love!


What are the games for bearded dragons?

bearded dragon playing


Bearded dragons are highly intelligent creatures and are capable of learning.


Consequently, they can be trained to play various games with you.


While bearded dragons do not enjoy a ball or a Frisbee the way other pets might, there are many fun activities that bearded dragons can enjoy just as much as their owners.


These include:


  • Sitting on your shoulder or riding on your back
  • Playing hide-and-seek by hiding behind objects in their enclosure
  • Doing tricks such as sitting up and waving at you when you say hello


What bug games are for bearded dragons

Bearded dragons are a carnivore and they need to eat insects as snacks.


To encourage exercise and make it fun for your dragon, use a variety of insects as snacks.


Be careful not to overfeed your dragon, but give him the opportunity to catch his favorite treat from time to time.


You can use a feeding stick or just chase the insect around with your hand.


If you have more than one bearded dragon in the same cage, try hiding food around the enclosure and let them hunt each other down.


How to play with a bearded dragon?

Even though bearded dragons are fun and active, you can’t just play with them the same way you could with a cat or dog.


They are not like most other pets in that they cannot be handled too much.


Bearded dragons are very territorial and they will not tolerate being touched by their owners too much. It’s best to let your lizard play with its toys while you watch from a distance.


If you do want to interact with your beardie, then it is best not to handle it for long periods of time or allow it to crawl around on your body for extended periods of time.


This can stress out the lizard and cause health problems down the road.



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What toys do bearded dragons like?

bearded dragon playing with a ball


Bearded dragons like to play with toys, but not just any toy will do.


The toys you give your bearded dragon need to be safe for them and that means no small pieces.


How do we keep our beardies happy? We give them things they can play with!


Bearded dragons like to play with balls, and there are some specifically made for them! These little plastic balls have no holes or openings so your bearded dragon can push it around without risk of injuring itself or getting something stuck on its body!


They also like little figurines of people or animals. But we must be careful about what materials these are made out of.  Here are some of the toys Bearded dragons play with:


1. Bearded dragon Ball

While these pets may not play or chase and fetch toys as your dog and cat does, they are an excellent choice. Some beardies may jolt, seem to attack, or push these balls with their nose while others will ignore them.


2. Crinkled wrapping paper

Cat toys such as cricked wrapping paper, including the colorful Mylar Crinkle Balls, are another excellent addition. If you don’t want to buy them, crumple the paper and place it next to your bearded dragon, and let it play with it.


3. Rubber duck

A colorful small-size rubber duck is another excellent toy choice. Some bearded dragons may push or nudge it with their snout.


4. Laser pointer or pen

The laser pointer can help stimulate activity as your reptile chases the laser beam, thinking it is a bug. However, it will soon realize it is not an actual bug and get bored, limit the time you use it to a once or twice a week, and for a short instance.


5. Inflatable water slides or floaties

If you have a shallow bath pool where you let your bearded dragon swim, adding floaties will give these pets a chance to rest on or climb onto them and feel less threatened.


Fun things to do with your bearded dragon

 Bearded dragons are great pets.


They’re active and will interact with you, they’re easy to care for and they’re not too expensive.


Play Hide and Seek

Bearded dragons love to explore their environment, so playing hide and seek with them is a great form of exercise.


You can find little hides for them to hide in if you don’t have any already.


When you know where they are hiding, say that you are going to count to three, and then on three tell them “Ready or not, here I come!” Do this several times, but try to hide from them too.


Play With a Beardie Ball

If you haven’t heard of these before, beardie balls are basically just hamster balls made for reptile tanks.


You or someone else can play with your bearded dragon by rolling the ball around the tank while they chase after it.


Make sure there are no sharp objects in the tank that could injure your beardie while they’re playing!


Play With a Puzzle Toy

There are tons of puzzle toys out there made specifically for reptiles. Examples include mazes and plastic balls full of holes where food can be hidden inside.


These toys force your bearded dragon to think through how they will get the food out of the toy without getting frustrated or bored in the process.


Allowing your bearded dragon to solve puzzles keeps their brain busy and healthy like it would be in the wild if they were hunting for food themselves instead of having their owner give it to them all at once every day!


Play With a Cat Toy (or other types of the toy)

You might not think about buying cat toys when shopping for pet supplies but some cat toys actually make great playthings for bearded dragons too!


One example is an interactive laser toy that projects red dots onto surfaces that cats like chasing after as do many other pets including reptiles like reptiles such as bearded dragons!


There are also some catnip mice available that can easily become chewable prey items thanks to their furry bodies — perfect if you want something bigger than just fruits and veggies but still soft enough


How to entertain a bearded dragon?

You can play with a bearded dragon by letting it run around your home.


You could also interact with it by letting a bearded dragon crawl on you and play in your beard!


Bearded dragons also enjoy playing with a variety of toys. It’s always fun to try new ideas and see what they like best.


If you have any old socks lying around or an extra beach ball, for instance, these items could entertain your friend for hours!


If you don’t have any of these things, get creative! Try using whatever is lying around the house to make some playthings for your friend.


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