Why is My Mystery Snail Turning White?

Why is My Mystery Snail Turning White?

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Have you noticed some strange patches of white appearing on your mystery snail’s shell?


This can be a troubling and confusing issue, especially if you’ve never seen it before.


You may be wondering why your mystery snail shell is turning white, what caused it, and how you can fix it.


You will learn everything here! Let’s get started.


What Causes Mystery Snail Shells to Turn White?

The most common reason for a mystery snail shell turning white is poor water quality.


Mystery snails are incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment, and a drop in water quality can manifest as discolorations in their shells.


In particular, if the pH level of the water starts to dip too low (below 7.0) the mystery snail shells may start to turn white.


This is because the low pH level causes the calcium carbonate within the shell to erode or dissolve, leaving behind patches of white where the calcium carbonate used to be.


Other environmental issues can also cause mystery snails to have discolored shells.


A lack of calcium in the water can cause the shell to appear pitted and pitted.


Meanwhile, too much calcium can make the shell appear fuzzy or flaky.


Too little oxygen in the tank can lead to a lack of pigmentation, while too much ammonia or nitrates in the water can lead to stunted growth and brittle shells.



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How to Solve the Problem?


If you think that poor water quality is causing your mystery snail’s shell to turn white, it’s important that you take steps to remedy this issue as soon as possible.


The first thing you should do is check your tank’s water parameters with a test kit – this will let you know exactly what is causing the problem so you can address it correctly.


If your pH level is below 7.0, you should try to raise it as soon as possible using an alkalinity buffer like baking soda.


Additionally, you should make sure that your tank has enough calcium in it by adding calcium supplements or crushed coral substrate.


Lastly, you should make sure that there are adequate levels of oxygen and no excessive amounts of ammonia or nitrates in the water by performing regular water changes and ensuring adequate filtration and aeration of the water.


Aside from addressing water quality issues, there are also some other steps you can take to help protect your mystery snail’s shell from discoloration:


  • Make sure that your tank has plenty of hiding spaces and places where your mystery snail can retreat from direct light. This will help protect their shells from UV damage which can lead to discoloration.
  • Avoid handling your mystery snail too much as this can cause damage to the shell.
  • Do not expose the shell to any harsh chemicals or cleaners which could cause discoloration
  • Finally, never expose your mystery snail to sudden changes in temperature or other environmental variables as this could also cause damage to the shell.



If you’ve noticed that your mystery snail’s shell is turning white, it’s likely due to a drop in water quality caused by either low pH levels or insufficient levels of calcium or oxygen in the tank.


To help solve this issue, make sure that you check all of your tank parameters using a test kit and adjust them if necessary.


Additionally, do not expose your snail to sudden temperature changes or harsh chemicals which could cause further damage to its shell.


With these steps in mind, you should be able to solve this issue and keep your mystery snail healthy and happy!


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