10 Reason Why Blue Heeler As a Pet Is a Good Decision

10 Reason Why Blue Heeler As a Pet Is a Good Decision

Blue heelers are a lot like the popular golden retrievers.


They’re lovable, cuddly, and energetic dogs that you can take anywhere with you. 


They’re athletic and intelligent, energetic and outgoing, but also capable of being calm and even-tempered. 


However, there are some things about blue heelers that make them even better than goldies—and that’s why they should be your next furry friend!


Blue heelers are amazing dogs. Here are 10 reasons why a blue heeler as a pet is a good decision:


10 Reasons Why Blue Heeler As a Pet Is a Good Decision


  • Blue Heelers are Extremely Intelligent
  • Blue Heelers are Mild-Mannered
  • They Have Tons of Energy
  • Blue Heelers are Loyal and Protective
  • They Want All Your Attention
  • Blue Heelers are Easy to Train
  • They are Extremely Affectionate
  • They Work Harder Than Other Dogs
  • They Work Harder Than Other Dogs
  • Blue heelers are the Perfect Size


Blue heelers are loyal, affectionate, and protective.


They are also great with kids, intelligent, and energetic.


If you have any of these qualities in your home, you may want to consider getting a blue heeler as a pet.


Blue Heelers are Extremely Intelligent

One of the reasons why Blue Heelers as a pet is a good decision is because they are extremely intelligent.


This breed has been known to be able not only to learn tricks but also to obey commands from their owners.


It’s easy to train them and they can learn new things quickly.


You can teach your dog all sorts of tricks like fetching, sitting, staying, and rolling over with ease.


Blue Heelers are Mild-Mannered

If you are looking for a dog that is very mild-mannered and can live easily with other pets, then the blue heeler is the dog for you.


Blue heelers are medium-sized dogs and they are excellent family dogs because of their gentle nature.


They get along well with other dogs, cats, and children.


They Have Tons of Energy

blue heeler jump


Because of their size, you might think that Blue Heelers are a good option for apartment living.


However, they actually need a lot of exercise and activity.


They are always ready to play and run around, so if you do not have time to take them out every day, they will get bored and destructive in your home.


If you keep your Blue Heeler busy with regular walks and games outside, however, then it’s likely that he will be less destructive indoors!


Blue Heelers are Loyal and Protective

There are many reasons why having a Blue Heeler as a pet is a sound decision.


One of them is the loyalty and protection that this breed provides.


They are extremely loyal to their families, and they will protect them from any threat.


They bark to alert you of intruders near your home or property, and they will also attack wild animals in order to protect you if necessary.


With such a strong instinct to guard and protect, there is no doubt that owning one of these dogs would be an excellent investment in your family’s safety!


They Want All Your Attention

Having a Blue Heeler as a pet means that you have to be ready to give your dog all the attention it needs.


This is because they are extremely affectionate and like to spend most of their time with you.


A Blue Heeler will follow you around wherever you go, and they will sleep on your bed at night, waking up whenever they hear a sound in the house or even when they sense another animal nearby.



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Blue Heelers are Easy to Train

Blue Heelers are easy to train. They’re a smart breed and enjoy learning new things, so they make ideal training companions.


Blue Heelers are also eager to please their owners, so it’s easy to teach them basic commands like “sit” and “stay.”


With proper training and socialization, your Blue Heeler can learn all kinds of tricks for you!


They are Extremely Affectionate

The blue heeler dog is a very affectionate animal that loves to cuddle.


They like to get up close and personal with their owners, so they are great companions for anyone who enjoys physical contact.


If you’re looking for a loyal companion that will love you no matter what, then this is the right choice for you!


Blue Heelers are known for giving kisses and being extremely affectionate with their owners.


They enjoy licking their owners on their faces or hands, which can be quite adorable when they do it in moderation, not all the time.


They Work Harder Than Other Dogs

The blue heeler is an extremely active dog. They are not lazy, they always want to play and they will do anything that involves being active.


They are ready to work or just go outside for a nice walk.


You can take them to the beach or just lead them around in the park, but they will be very happy with whatever you choose as long as there is some kind of physical activity involved.


It’s Easy to Get Attached

Blue heelers are so loyal and affectionate that they’re practically custom-made to be your new lifelong companion.


For instance, they are eager to please their owners and are very smart.


Additionally, they have a strong desire to play and stay close to their human family members; this is especially true when the pet parent works outside of the home or spends long hours at work each day.


In fact, blue heelers can become extremely attached to certain people who spend lots of time with them this including children.


Blue heelers are the Perfect Size

Blue Heelers are the perfect size for a pet. They’re not too big, but they’re also not tiny.


These animals can easily be carried around, groomed, and played with.


And Blue Heelers don’t shed a lot of furs, which makes it easier to keep up with grooming them.


Also, because these dogs tend to eat less than other breeds do, their meals will cost less money over time!


Can a blue heeler be a family dog?

Blue heelers are a good choice for families with children.


Blue heelers love to be around people and will want to be involved in all the fun activities that they do with their children.


They are also very protective of their family, so if there is any danger or threat of harm, they will defend their loved ones at all costs.


Blue heelers are intelligent dogs that can learn tricks quickly, but they do require regular exercise and training to prevent them from becoming bored or destructive while left alone in your home.


If you have another dog or cat already living with you, then it would probably be best to look into adopting an adult rather than bringing home a puppy so they can grow up together and become good friends!


Things to Consider Before Adopting a Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler is a breed of Australian Cattle dog. They are working dogs and herding dogs.


Biting and nipping

Biting and nipping are normal behaviors for puppies.


At this stage, they’re learning how to play with other dogs and people, so they may just be testing things out by nipping at their hands or feet.


These behaviors can also occur if your dog is bored or has separation anxiety.


Exercise and training are great ways of helping your puppy learn self-control.


You should teach them to respond positively to commands such as “no bite” or “sit down” from an early age so that they learn when it’s alright for them to bite or nip someone, and when it isn’t okay.


It might take time for your pup’s biting habits to change completely, but the process can be made easier with some patience on both sides!


Separation anxiety

Blue heelers are very loyal dogs, and they love being with their owners.


They will cry when left alone, and they can become destructive in order to escape the house.


If you have an issue with this behavior, it’s best to adopt a heeler that has already been housebroken or take some time to crate train your new dog.


High energy

When you think about a dog, you probably have an image in your head of a dog that is docile, calm, and eager to please.


A Blue Heeler is not like that at all. Blue Heelers are high-energy dogs who love to play games and run around the house.


They can bounce off the walls with their energy and will become destructive if left alone for too long without enough exercise or attention from their owner.



Blue heeler puppies are very energetic and playful, which can lead to biting and nipping.


They might also be aggressive toward people outside the family, so it’s best to discipline this behavior early on.


This is especially important if you have other pets at home.



Blue Heelers make great pets for active families and retirees alike.


They are loyal, protective, and affectionate.


You can find plenty of other reasons why these dogs make such wonderful companions, but what we’ve covered here should be enough to convince you that this breed is ideal for your home.


If you’re still on the fence about adopting a Blue Heeler dog as your next pet then do it.


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