Can Dogs Eat Gummy Fruit Snacks?

Can Dogs Eat Gummy Fruit Snacks

Dogs cannot distinguish human food from dog food.


Whatever you give your dog may be appealing for them, regardless of whether it is safe for them or not.


Gummy fruit snacks may look harmless in plain sight.


That is why many people think that they could make a good dog treat.


However, they are harmless for humans but could be a potential hazard for our furry ones.


Read on to know more.


To Eat or Not to Eat

Gummy Fruit Snacks For Dogs


Gummy fruit snacks are artificial snacks.


Can dogs eat gummy fruit snacks?


The answer can be yes or no.


It honestly depends on what makes up the gummy fruit snack.


Before feeding these treats to your dogs, ask yourself these questions:


  • Is it high in sugar? Too much sugar may harm your dog in several ways. It can cause dental problems, which, if your pet overly indulges in gummy sweets and other sugary treats, can result in bacterial infection.
  • Does it contain increased levels of calories?
  • Is that gummy fruit snack made up of xylitol? Xylitol is a poisonous substance that is common in gums and candies. It can be as toxic or even more so than chocolates for dogs. Gummy fruit snacks that are free of xylitol have low sugar count and have low caloric count are ideal.


Another thing to note is that the stickiness of the gummies can cause choking.


Your dog can eat tiny pieces.


However, it does not mean that you can make it part of your pet’s regular diet.


It is not always healthy for them.


Just because artificial snacks are okay for us does not mean they can be safe for dogs.


As the one who knows better, you should make healthy food choices for your dogs and understand the consequences even beforehand.



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Give These Alternative Treats Instead

Instead of giving your dog gummies, give them these natural treats instead.


These may also be mini rewards when you are trying to teach them a trick.


Remember, snacks like these should only contribute 10% of their daily calorie intake.


Banana with peanut butter spread

Now, this is a real and organic fruit snack.


You can opt for banana slices only when your dog is allergic.


But dogs would love this pair of treats rather than a little gummy fruit snack.



A hint of fiber in your pet’s diet is suitable for their health.


Beans and baby carrots

A slice of these vegetables usually does not contain calories.



Gummy fruit snacks need not be the first option as dog treats.


So, can dogs eat gummy fruit snacks?


The answer is yes if it has low calories, is free of xylitol, and intake is small.


Excessive sugar can cause complications.


To be safe, opt for natural fruit snacks or veggie treats.


This way, your dog is getting the right nutrition, and you can prevent potential problems caused by manufactured products.


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