4 Tips for Crate Training a Border Collie

4 Tips for Crate Training a Border Collie

Crate training a Border Collie is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog remains safe and secure in your home.


It’s not always easy to do, however.


Crate training can be a little bit stressful for both you and your dog, so it’s important to take some time during the process to make sure they’re comfortable with their new surroundings.


Here are five tips for crate training a Border Collie:


4 Tips for Crate Training a Border Collie

Here are some tips for crate training your Border Collie:

  1. Make sure the crate is big enough for them to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably.
  2. Put their bed in the crate so it feels more like home for them.
  3. Put a couple of toys in there too, but don’t give them out until you tell them it’s okay!
  4. Take them outside every hour or so and praise them when they go potty outside. Don’t let them out until they’ve gone potty at least once though – otherwise, they’ll just keep going back inside right away again!


Benefits for Crate Training a Border Collie

border collie in a crate


It reduces destructive behavior

Destructive behavior is something that many Border Collies exhibit, especially if they’re bored and left alone for too long.


Crate training can help curb this behavior by giving your dog a place to go when they need to eliminate it or if they get anxious and need some alone time.


It helps with potty training

Crate training can also be helpful in potty training your puppy because it’s a safe space where they can eliminate without being reprimanded or punished.


Crate training is also very useful if you’re trying to potty train an older dog who hasn’t been house-trained yet and has had accidents inside the house before.



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It helps with separation anxiety

A crate provides a place where your dog can go to feel safe and secure while you are away from home or when there are other things going on in the house that may cause stress for your dog.


This can help prevent destructive behavior like chewing or pottying inside the house.


It makes traveling easier on both you and your dog

Traveling with a border collie can be tricky if they are not trained properly.


However, if you have properly crate trained them, traveling will be much easier on both you and your dog because they will be able to relax while they ride in the car.


What is the Best Crate Size for Border Collies?

The best crate size for a Border Collie is large enough for your dog to stand up, lie down, and turn around.


It should also allow room for growth as the dog grows.


How to make the Crate Comfy?

Make the crate comfy by putting a fleece blanket in it, a chew toy and/or stuffed toy in it, and a water bowl.


You can also put a bed or pad in there for further comfort.


If your dog is fearful about being left alone in his crate for even short periods of time and this is absolutely normal, you may want to consider leaving him with an extra special treat that he can only get when he’s inside his doghouse/crate.



Crate training can be a difficult process for some dogs, but it’s not impossible.


With the right approach and persistence, you can teach your Border Collie to love their crate and use it whenever they need to relax or sleep.


The key is to keep calm when your dog isn’t responding well to training so that they don’t feel pressure from you because this will only make them scared of the crate.


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