5 Reasons Why Do Dogs Wear Goggles

Why Do Dogs Wear Goggles

We’ve all seen dogs wearing goggles at the beach or in their owner’s swimming pool.


It seems obvious that dogs are trying to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


But what we don’t know is that there might be a few more reasons why dogs wear goggles.


What are dog goggles for?

dog wearing goggles


If your dog is sensitive to light or has had eye problems in the past, you might want to consider getting goggles for your dog as well.


They can help protect against things like sunburn, windburn, dust particles, and other irritants.


Goggles will also keep your dog’s eyes clean and protected from dust and debris while they’re out running around outside.


The most common reason people get their dogs on Google is that their dogs are hunting dogs or working dogs that spend time outdoors in dusty environments where the dust gets into their eyes and causes irritation or even an infection if left untreated.


A lot of hunting dogs wear these goggles when they’re out on the hunt so that they don’t have to worry about anything getting into their eyes while they’re working hard trying to catch whatever it is they’re hunting down!



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Why do dogs wear goggles?

Dogs wear goggles for a variety of reasons:

  • Keeps the wind out of a dog’s eye
  • Prevent eye problems
  • Keeps Bugs away from a dog’s face
  • Provides Sun exposure protection
  • Protect a dog against children


Keeps the wind out of a dog’s eye

Dogs have long snouts and big eyes, which makes it easy for the wind to get under their eyelids and irritate their eyes.


Goggles help keep the wind out, so your pup can enjoy the breeze without any discomfort.


Prevent eye problems

If your dog has eye problems like conjunctivitis or dry eye syndrome, he might need to wear goggles to protect his eyes from debris or other irritants.


Keeps Bugs away from a dog’s face

Concerned about ticks? If so, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of bug-repelling goggles for your pooch.


They’re especially helpful if you live in an area infested with insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and bees.


These lenses will help keep bugs away from your dog’s face while providing protection from bug bites and stings.


Provides Sun exposure protection

Sunblock or sunscreen designed specifically for humans is fine for your dog; just make sure it has an SPF of 30 or higher and isn’t made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide those ingredients are toxic in high doses.


Dogs’ skin is sensitive and allergic reactions are common when using human products on them.


Protect dogs against children

Children are naturally curious and often forget that dogs don’t understand how much strength they have in their hands.


If a child grabs a dog’s head or muzzle with both hands, they could easily cause serious injury or even break their pet’s jaw.



Whether your dog’s a snowboarder or a surfer, he’s sure to love these cool goggles!


From protecting your dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays to helping him see better on a foggy day, the uses for pet goggles are plenty.


Dogs may not use them for work or play, but there’s no harm in giving your pup a bit of extra protection.


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