8 Things You Should Know About Gladiator Doberman

8 Things You Should Know About Gladiator Doberman

Dobermans are energetic and mighty dogs that need a lot of physical activities and exercise.

If they are kept inside all day, there is a huge tendency that they might be irritable or even aggressive.

It is why Dobermans must be taught how to obey commands and to socialize with others at a young age.


Gladiator Dobermans are still Dobermans. They are just larger than usual, so whatever they need is like regular Dobermans. However, it is important to take note that these dogs need more exercise, a larger area, and more prone to getting sick than regular Dobermans.


There are more things you need to be aware of Gladiator Dobermans.

We will be talking about eight of these in today’s article.



8 Things You Need to Know About Gladiator Doberman

Here are the top eight things you need to familiarize yourself about Gladiator Dobermans:


1. Gladiator Dobermans are larger than the usual

gladiator doberman

One of a Gladiator Doberman’s distinct characteristics is that they are larger than the usual Dobermans we see.

For instance, a Doberman Pinscher typically weighs 65 – 90 pounds and can go as tall as 26 – 28 inches (male) and 24 – 26 inches (female).

Doberman Pinschers also have long heads and sleek muscular bodies.

Their ears are often cropped, and their tails are cut short.

Meanwhile, some owners who have Gladiator Dobermans have reported that their dogs have weighed as heavy as 96 pounds or 43 kilograms!


2. Gladiator Dobermans require more exercise

Doberman Pinschers need at least 40 minutes of exercise daily due to their very energetic personality.

They are also considered people-oriented and tend to be very affectionate and sweet if appropriately trained at a young age.

They are loyal dogs to their owners and would protect your children as if it is their own.

Gladiator Dobermans have the same personality, except that they require more exercise due to their incredibly larger size than usual.


If Doberman Pinschers need at least 40 minutes of exercise daily, your Gladiator Doberman might need 1 hour of physical activity to stay healthy.

Do not undervalue the importance of exercise in your Dobermans.

You must remember that Gladiator Dobermans are very powerful and energetic.

If not exercised, they might become irritable, even aggressive.


If your home is small, your Doberman will be able to adjust accordingly provided you let them do some exercise daily.

Just be wary and train them as needed.

Avoid giving your Dobermans special guard training because this may result in over-guarding and even aggression.

A daily walk and playing in the park for at least an hour is enough to keep them active and healthy.





3. Gladiator Dobermans are more prone to health issues

Since Gladiator Dobermans weigh more and are larger than the typical Dobermans, they are also more prone to health issues.

Especially if they do not give them the proper care they need.

Of course, this includes giving them enough food, vitamins, taking them to the Vet for checkups, and giving them ample time for exercise and other physical activities they need to be strong and healthy.


4. The term “Gladiator” was used to highlight its size

As it turns out, Gladiator Dobermans are just typical Dobermans but larger.

Other terms used to describe large Dobermans aside from Gladiator include Warlock, Goliath, King, and Super.

Dobermans are medium-sized dogs, and breeders only make them larger than their actual size and label them as “Gladiators.”


5. Gladiator Dobermans require more food

doberman food

Because they are larger and more active than the normal-sized Dobermans, Gladiator Dobermans also require more food.

It is so that their bodily functions can support their huge body and help them stay on their feet while maintaining a very active lifestyle.

Feeding them less may result in them growing weak, while feeding them excessively may result in serious health issues in the long run.

Consult your dog’s Vet regarding this matter to know how you can attend to their needs.


6. The term “Gladiator” is not well supported in the dog owner’s community

In the dog owners’ community, the term “Warlock Doberman,” “King Doberman,” “Super or Superior Doberman,” and “Gladiator Doberman” is not encouraged.

Gladiator Doberman is just a huge-sized Doberman, and there is nothing different about it than a typical Doberman aside from their respective sizes.


7. Breeders have been using the term “Gladiator” as a sale gimmick

The term “Gladiator Doberman” is nothing more, but a sales gimmick started by breeders to sell their dogs for very high prices.

These breeders use the terms “Warlock,” “King,” Super or Superior,” “King,” and “Gladiator” to fool the customers into assuming that they are buying a huge, super-sized, powerful, and out of the ordinary dog.

In the end, a Warlock Doberman is just a Doberman, a King Doberman is just a Doberman, and a Gladiator Doberman is just a Doberman.

Breeders have been using these terms to mislead the public and to advertise this breed falsely.


8. Some Gladiator Dobermans are bred against the standard

Finally, the public needs to know that most of these “Gladiator” Dobermans are bred against the norm.

Most breeders have little to no regard for the health and safety of the dogs they are breeding.

For them, it is all about making money, and if they must use catchy names to make more sales, they will do so without any hesitation.

You should remember that Dobermans should not exceed their standard size, color, or temperament.

A giant breed is an out of the common breed.

Breeders who engage in such things are unethical and have no regard for these animals’ health and welfare.


Key Takeaway

Gladiator Dobermans are simply oversized Dobermans.

Although it is not recommended to support breeders who do such thing to their dogs, if you own this kind of Doberman, it is best to take care of them by knowing what their specific needs are, seeing that they are larger than usual, which means that they require more care and should be kept a closer eye on since they are also more prone to illnesses.

Be a responsible pet owner and consult a Vet if you must.

Always remember that the welfare of your furry friendlies in you.


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