All About Gotti Pitbull – Things You Need to Know

All About Gotti Pitbull

Ever heard of The Notorious Juan Gotti pitbull?

He was a strong and revered bully who sired over 800 of UKC approved American bullies.

The Gotti pitbull bloodline is coveted by every pitbull lover but sadly not everyone can get a hold of a true Gotti.


Why is the Gotti Pitbull so popular?

The first blue Gotti pitbull was born in 1997 at a Los Angeles kennel.

This was the Gotti pitbull kennel that produced over 80 Gotti pitbull puppies.

This bloodline became popular because it produced burly looking bullies that were affectionate and friendly in nature.


Richard Barajas was the genius behind the first Gotti bully.

He was looking for an XXL pitbull bloodline that had the aggressive side of a bully weaned out.

What resulted was a pit bull that still looked burly and ferocious on the outside but loving and affectionate on the inside.



💡 Fun Fact

The Juan Gotti pitbull is the ancestor of all pocket and XXL pit bulls we have today.



Richard Barajas’ work inspired a generation of pitbull breeders willing to experiment and keep the Gotti pitbull bloodline alive.

Some breeders have successfully crossed the blue Gotti pitbull with other superior bloodlines like the razer edge pit bull.


Gotti pitbull appearance

Gottiline PitBull

Gotti Pitbulls are known for their broad heads and brawny bodies.

They can be short as in the case of the pocket pitbull or humungous like the XXL Gotti pitbull.

Coat colors can be black, champagne, brown, white, or gray. Some Gotti Pitbulls will have a double or tri-colored coat combining any of the mentioned colors.


A true Gotti pitbull will have a muscular body and a sturdy gait.

They are really strong canines and require someone who can match their strength to handle them.

This is true when exercising or training them.

This burly and mean demeanor is what makes the Gotti pitbull popular.

Their intimidating appearance will keep intruders away and keep your home safe.


Gotti pitbull temperament

Despite his massive size, a blue Gotti pitbull is very loving and affectionate towards his family.

He is always jovial, energetic, and eager to please his master.

A Gotti pitbull will seldom attack unless he is highly provoked.

This molosser breed rarely picks up a fight unless urged by their owner.


If he fights, he is merely trying to please his master and does not grasp the consequences of his actions.

Fortunately, Gotti Pitbulls are designed to be less aggressive and more loving.

Surprisingly, a Gotti pitbull makes a better family dog than a Beagle, Pomeranian, or Poodle.

This burly fellow will do everything with you, from evening strolls to staying up late binge-watching your favorite show.


You should also know that Gotti Pitbulls are fussy crybabies.

They do not like to be left alone lest they suffer separation anxiety.

But with proper socialization, a Gotti pitbull learns to enjoy his own company and that of his owner.


Gotti pitbull diet

A Gotti pitbull’s diet must contain high-quality protein to keep them healthy and strong.

Puppies will require more proteins to grow compared to adult Pitbulls.

Here is a guideline on how to feed your blue Gotti pitbull.


A puppy pitbull thrives on their mother’s milk before they reach 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks, which is the adoptable age, they can switch to quality puppy kibble.

A pitbull puppy’s diet contains 22% of high-quality proteins which is necessary for their growth.

It is advisable to keep the same brand of kibble the breeder was feeding the puppy.


This ensures they do not develop digestion problems because of switching to a different brand.

When the Gotti pitbull is one year old, they can now switch to adult food.

Their protein intake should be 18% of the diet to help them maintain their burly bodies. The best protein sources for a Gotti pitbull include

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb

If you are buying adult kibble, ensure any of the above proteins is listed as the first ingredients.

Avoid commercial kibble that lists proteins as a last resort.

In many cases, the protein content in that bag of kibble is not up to standards.


Also, do not buy kibble that replaces real protein for protein-meal.

This won’t get your Gotti pitbull looking healthy and strong.

If you are considering a raw meat diet for your pitbull, ensure you are going for leaner meat options, especially for chicken and beef.


Also, incorporate veggies and fruits into the mix to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Do not let his big size full you, a Gotti pitbull only requires 2 to 3 cups of quality kibble per day to live a healthy life.

Since he is a hearty eater, you have to ration his meals to two or three servings a day.

In between meals, keep his jaws busy with tasty doggy treats.


Gotti pitbull exercise and training

Gotti Pitbulls are certified couch potatoes.

They can eat and slouch on the couch all day with no qualms.

This is not good for the furry fellow because he tends to put on unhealthy weight.

Ensure you incorporate plenty of exercises in a Gotti pitbull’s life.

They love a game of tug which activates their natural competitive edge.


Also, tug of war is an ideal game for obedience training. Obstacle courses are also perfect for exercise a blue Gotti pitbull’s muscles.

Training should involve teaching the Gotti pitbull simple obedience commands like come, sit, or stay.

Potty training is important as well and should start when the pitbull is still a puppy.

Take your pitbull out for walks each day as well. This helps socialize him to new sites and smells.

It also helps him grow accustomed to people.


Proper exercise and training activate all the good qualities of a pitbull.

Neglect will only breed anxiety and aggressiveness in a Gotti pitbull.


Adopting a Gotti pitbull

Do your own research before buying a Gotti pit bull from a breeder.

Ensure the pitbull is from a pedigree who shares a direct bloodline with the original Juan Gotti pitbull.

Be wary of breeders who claim to have Gotti Pitbulls but cannot produce the paperwork to back their claim.


Also, do some window shopping before settling on a Gotti pitbull puppy to adopt.

Because of the popularity of this bloodline, many breeders will slap a high price on their Gotti litter.

Shop for the lowest price on the market but ensure you are getting an authentic Gotti pitbull.


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