All About White Pitbull – Things You Need to Know

All About white Pitbull

The white pitbull is a favorite among most pet lovers looking to raise a bully in their home.

They have an elegant coat color and a personality that would charm anyone they meet.

But does this mean that white pitbull is superior to other pit bull types?


The answer is no.

White Pitbulls are only loved because of the exquisite coats that make them stand out.

The moo moo pit bull, in particular, is the most coveted.

It sports a white coat with patches that can be dark brown, tan, fawn, brindle, or fawn.

It is also possible to find a tri-colored white pit bull.

But what causes the white pitbull to have spots or marks on the skin?


Animal experts explain that the pit bull with spots is a result of a breeding accident.

Since then, there have been many variations of the white pitbull with spots. The difference is in how the spots or markings appear on the body.


The spots may engulf the entire coat or may only appear in specific places such as the eyes, tail, or paws.

The white pitbull earned the nickname ‘moo moo pitbull’ because his coat looks exactly like that of a dairy cow.


Though the white pitbull steals all the spotlight, he is not the only colored pitbull of his kind. Other pitbull color variations include;

  • The black pitbull
  • Blue Nose grey pitbull
  • Red nose pitbull



Coat color does not give the white pit bull advantage over other pit bull breeds. Coat appearance is only for aesthetic purposes.



If you have to be as specific as adopting a white pitbull with black spots on the skin, you also have to look at the dog’s temperament.

What you will discover is that the temperament and behavior of a pit bull with spots do not differ from any other pit bull breeds.

Here is what to expect out of a white pit bull’s personality


Personality and temperament of a  white pitbull

There is a common misconception that Pitbulls are ferocious and dangerous animals.

On the contrary, Pitbulls are known to be loyal, exuberant, and very friendly to people.

The white pit bull is no different. He adores his owner to bits and does not mind spending every second by his side.

This furry fellow is also friendly to strangers and is voted as one of the least aggressive family dogs. He is actually calmer than a poodle!


A moo moo pitbull is known for his fun-loving nature too.

He always springs to action when it is time to play tug or fetch.

If you have kids around, a white pitbull will play and babysit them on your behalf.

You also have to buy him plenty of toys to keep him happy and energetic.


Another amazing trait of the white pitbull is his natural instinct to defend and protect.

The white pitbull will always alert its owners if there is an intruder lurking.

He does not mind putting his life on the line to save his beloved master from danger.

The only downside is that he often lets his friendly nature get in the way of keeping danger at bay.


As mentioned before, white pitbull are friendly to everyone, including strangers.

Training him on how to spot intruders will be necessary if he is to keep you safe at night.

Even without the training, a white pitbull’s mean demeanor is enough to scare any intruder with ideas.

But deep down in his heart, he knows he can never harm a fly.


How to pick a white pitbull puppy

White Pitbull Puppy

When going out to adopt a pit bull, do not base your selection on appearance alone.

The personality and temperament of the white pitbull puppy will determine if they will fit your family and lifestyle.

Here are important steps to help you adopt the best black and white pitbull on the market.


1. Buy from breeders

You can never go wrong when buying from a professional breeder.

Always avoid puppy mill websites or backyard breeders because you can easily get duped into buying a non-existent dog.

Breeders are always a safe bet.

Visit the breeder’s grounds to see the kind of environment the white pitbull puppies are raised in.


Do the puppies have enough space to play and interact with the rest of the litter.

Does every puppy have a clean sleeping area stocked with everything they need?

This includes food, water, warm blankets, and a favorite toy.

The litter will only be as good as the breeder’s business ethics.


If the breeder conducts themselves professionally and is well-versed in the product they are selling, then you are in safe hands.

Ask as many questions as possible until you are sure you are getting your money’s worth.


2. Interact with the puppy

Ask the breeder to allow you to spend time with the litter.

Watching each puppy interact with its environment will help you know its personality.

If you spot a puppy with a vibrant and friendly personality, you have yourself a winner!


Some puppies are timid at first but will warm up to you as you interact with them.

But if a puppy appears scared and withdrawn from the litter, it is not the best puppy to adopt especially if you have children.

But if you are willing to hire professional help to socialize the puppy, then you can start the adoption process.


3. Evaluate the puppy’s appearance

A healthy white pitbull puppy should have a shiny and healthy coat.

It should have a robust-looking body and clear eyes.

The puppy should not have any problem running or walking around the grounds.

Avoid puppies that appear scrawny and sickly.


4. Inquire about bloodlines

Knowing a pitbull’s bloodline can help you gauge its personality and temperament in the future.

Some pitbull bloodlines are known to produce puppies that grow into intelligent, strong, and loyal dogs.

Other bloodlines are known to have little to no hereditary diseases.

Learn your white pitbull puppy’s bloodline before you adopt it.


5. Ask for a discount

White pitbull puppies are very popular which makes them pricey to buy.

Try and negotiate for a discount with the breeder to bring the price a bit down.

You may also work on a payment plan with the breeder so they can book a puppy for you.

Once the installments are completed, you can take your white pitbull puppy home.


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Final thoughts

A white or moo moo pitbull is only popular because of its coat color.

Its personality and temperament will be similar to any other pitbull breed.

When adopting a white pitbull, ensure you visit the breeder’s ground and interact with litter.

Once you know the health and history of the puppies, you can always negotiate for a discount with the breeder.


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