Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

One of the best things about cats is that they are always willing to try human foods.

They will sniff at your offer and if they like it, they will take a satisfying bite.

One of the human foods cats don’t mind adding to their menu is watermelon.


But why do cats love watermelon?

That is one question that puzzles most cat owners.

Cats are no fan of sugary foods and watermelon falls in that category.


Nevertheless, Whiskers always seem contented nibbling at that red juicy bit of melon.

We are going to tell you why cats love watermelons so much.

You will also learn how watermelon benefits your cats and how much of the fruit cats can take.


Why Do Cats Love Watermelon?

Cats are not the only pets that love watermelon.

Dogs love it too especially when chilled into a frozen treat.

Domesticated herbivores also relish the chance to nibble on juicy melon.


Here is an interesting fact.

Cats do not have any receptors on their tongue to detect sweet taste.

So we can rule out that cats love melon because of the sugar content.

But we still have to know why cats go gaga about melon.

Some speculations try to answer this question.

We will tell you some of them.


Cats love watermelon because of its interesting shape.

The oval shape of a watermelon feels nice to pounce on and chase around if you are a kitty.

It also happens that green is one of the colors that cats can see well.

Since the outer part of the watermelon is green, it is the first thing cats are drawn to.


Then there is the smell and texture of melons.

Cats can detect the scent of fresh melon cut or uncut.

When a cat licks the fruity part of the melon, the texture feels good on its tongue.

And of course, if it feels good on the tongue, your Tabby will definitely take a bite.

Those are just some of the reasons why cats love melons.


But is melon good for your cat?


Why is Watermelon Good for Cats?

The answer to this question is a big YES.

Watermelon benefits your cat in many ways.

We can list some of these benefits for you;


1. Watermelon hydrates your cat

Cats do not drink water as much as dogs.

This makes it impossible for them to remain hydrated especially in hot weather.

Melon has plenty of water content that your cat slurps heartily.

This not only quenches his thirst, but it also keeps him hydrated.


2. It is a rich source of fiber

Watermelon is rich in fiber that boosts your cat’s digestive health.

Good gut health ensures your cat digests and absorbs enough nutrients from the food he eats.

Fiber from watermelon also prevents constipation in your cat (he also does not have to eat grass).


3. Keeps your cat cool

Watermelon has a cool soothing effect that cats love.

Chilled watermelon bits help cool your cat’s tongue, especially during the summer.

Unlike people, cats expel heat through their tongue and paw pads.

Cold watermelon speeds up the cooling process.


4. An alternative snack

Watermelon is a great addition to your cat’s snacking menu.

It is cheap and always available if your cat needs something to nibble on while passing time.


5. A great source of nutrients

Watermelon is rich in nutrients that benefit your cat’s health.

This fruit contains vitamins A, C, and B (B1, B5, and B6).

These vitamins improve your cat’s digestive health, immune system, and promote a healthy shiny coat.

It is also rich in magnesium and potassium which promote a healthier skeletal structure, speed up the absorption of nutrients, and maintain optimal blood pressure.



Why is Watermelon Not Good for Cats?

Watermelon will only hurt your cat if he overindulges in it.

Too much watermelon can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your cat.

If this happens, feed him a bland diet that helps soothe his digestive system.


The seeds in watermelon contain traces of cyanide.

When ingested, this can cause fatal side effects in your cat.

Also, your cat may find it hard digesting watermelon seeds.

The seeds can cause blockage or lacerations in the digestive tract as your cat tries to expel them.


You should also keep your cat away from the watermelon rind.

The rind, just like the seeds, is hard to digest for your cat.

Ensure you only serve the red fruity part of watermelon to your cat.

Feeding too much melon to your cat robs him of nutrients he can get from other foods.


Cats are carnivores and need meat more than fruits or veggies.

Watermelon does not carry the full nutrients that your cat needs to stay healthy.


The Takeaway

It is totally cool if you want your cat to chew on juicy pieces of watermelon.

It improves his gut health, keeps him cool, and ensures he stays hydrated during summer.

But control your cat’s intake of watermelon to prevent other health issues from stemming.


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