Can Dogs Eat Rose Apple?

Can Dogs Eat Rose Apple

Dogs have a reputation for eating whatever their “masters” do.


Though it may seem cute that our furry buddies nibble on whatever crumb from our food that falls on the floor, there are always exemptions.


Fruits like currants are off-limits, so are grapes.


Despite that, other fruit options are considered safe to consume among dogs.


With the precaution of feeding dogs the wrong fruit, can dogs eat rose apples?


Rose apple or more scientifically known as Syzygium Jambos, are fruit species that are in no way related to apples nor roses, as the name suggests.


They are more closely associated with guavas (which are safe for canine consumption).




rose apple for dogs


Like its close relative, rose apples are packed with nutrients that will surely benefit humans.


But is the nutrient composition of rose apples appropriate for our furry friend’s tummies?


Can dogs eat a rose apple?


The following will answer this query:


Rose apples are packed with calcium

Every 100g of rose apple contains 29mg of calcium, which is a good number.


The bones and teeth of dogs require a fair amount of calcium supplemented through proper nutrition.


With this, rose apple remains on the right side of dog food.


It has a tremendous amount of Potassium in it

Potassium is a macromineral among organisms as it is required for normal body functioning.


It works in conjunction with Sodium (Na) to create a pump in the cells.


The coordination of various cells with this Sodium-Potassium pump is essential for proper nerve and cardiovascular functioning.


That being said, the 123mg/100g K content of rose apples is very beneficial for our dogs.



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It has an abundance of Vitamin A and C

The vitamins are essential as they play distinct roles in the proper functioning of the body.


Vitamin A is related to having good vision.


Moreover, the growth of organisms is positively affected by this vitamin. An example of a vegetable rich in such is carrots.


On the other hand, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals or cancer-causing substances in the body.


Both of these substances pose a positive effect on dogs. And rose apples offer such benefits.


Rose apples are excellent sources of fiber

Having fiber in the food is very healthy.


These fibers help in the digestion of food, along with their passage through the digestive tract.


Since it is indigestible, fibers absorb water making the excretion of food smooth and flowing.


It can help dogs with constipation problems.


Additionally, rose apples are 93% water, so that makes it better.



is rose apple safe for dogs to eat


So, can dogs eat a rose apple then?


With all that, it is undeniable that rose apples are healthy for our furry friends.


And these fruit species can be fed to dogs but in regulated amounts, more preferably as treats only and not the main course.


Since rose apples do not have Sodium in them, this might cause an imbalance when combined with its very high potassium content, which may lead to hyperkalemia or potassium toxicity if consumed in massive amounts.


Just feed them a few pieces here and there, and all will be well, if not healthier than before.


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