Do Cats Like to Be Petted While Sleeping?  

Do Cats Like to Be Petted While Sleeping

It has become a habit for most of us to pet our cats while they sleep.


But have we ever paused for a while and wonder, do cats like to be petted while sleeping?


We do it as a habit because it is relaxing.


But what do cats really think about it?



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Some of its Reactions

Yes, you can pet your cat, but the question is: should you?


The answer may vary from a feline to another.


Some reactions could range from indifference to aggression.

  • You might wake it up.
  • The cat may be surprised and may scratch you for the jump-scare.
  • It might just bat an eyelid, decide that it is too tired to care, and go back to sleep.
  • Other cats are too deep asleep.
  • Some cats love it and turn to you for more attention.


Signs Your Kitty Loves Your Petting

cat sleeping while being petted


When your cat suddenly attempts to bite you when you are rubbing it, could this be a negative response to our question: do cats like to be petted while sleeping?


In truth, that does not mean your pet hates your petting.


It does but only in the right places and at the right time.


Cats, like humans, have preferences, too.


Take note of these feline-approved parts where you can pet your cat:


  • Rubbing any side of its face but using only the back of your hand
  • Gently stroking the fur.
  • In its mini nose bridge or directly in between the eyes
  • A light scratch under its chin or behind its ears
  • Its most favorite part: the base of the cat’s tail.


Remember, however, to be gentle.


Petting with too much pressure or vigor can irritate your cat and may wake it up from a deep sleep.


Your cat always loves attention and care from its fur parent.


You will notice it loves your petting when:

  • Its paws try to reach your hand or finger.
  • Cat starts purring, the kind that does not seem irritated.
  • It stands on hind legs.
  • Starts kneading as they do as kittens craving for love and affection.
  • It rolls on the floor as it might feel ticklish.
  • meows or nibbles its skin or fur.
  • It rubs its head or cheeks on you.
  • It transfers places, sometimes between your legs



If you are a first-timer, you are doing a good job researching what is best for your sleeping cat.


And boy, do cats love it when you pet them while sleeping.


Cats may not like it at all times, but you will know when it does.


You only need to know the preference of your cat and see how it reacts.


Do it with perfect timing.


Plus, it has an added benefit for you as the pet parent, too.


Do you also know that petting your cats and other pets can be a form of stress relief?


The act of petting produces serotonin and reduces our stress levels at the same time.


It also lifts our mood, a natural therapeutic strategy to manage stress from a long day at work.


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